Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Fiesta-Gate" Continues....

(Thanks Laura for the title)

Before I even begin my rant today I want to apologize.  I know there are waaayyyy worse problems to have then deciding what dishes to have ...or not to have.  I really feel really sort of foolish because I know that many of you have WAY bigger problems....and here I sit "belly-aching" over dishes. This just happens to be my problem right now...and I am so thankful that this is my problem instead of John being sick - thanks LeeLee for that observation.

So...yesterday morning I had decided that we should take the Fiestaware back and try to get something we both completely agree on - thanks Janine....great advice!  I was really good with this idea and very open to this.  The more I thought about it the more I thought Randy was right...."it is really heavy"...."it probably will break & chip"....and "shelf space is going to be an issue". 

After dinner last night we started conquering every store that had dishes that we both could agree on. Which was Wal-Mart, Kohl's Sears, Dillard's, JCPenny's, Target, & Bed/Bath & Beyond.  The entire time we were running around to all of these place I could hear my Fiestaware in the back rattling around.  It was like the Fiestaware was crying saying..."No - Tina...keep us.  You know you love us & want us."  (I have official lost it - call the Pavilion...the dishes are now crying & talking to me - I have lost my mind!!)  Every where we went and all the dishes we look at had no appeal to me at all. I really tried to have an open mind but nothing came close.  Plus the stores we went to that had Fiestaware I was constantly mixing up the plates & bowls - Randy would yell at me to concentrate!  When we got to Dillard's I told Randy I was not ready to return the Fiestaware.

We went ahead and bought four different patterns of Corelle so that we could try to decide.  (I know....this is insanity!  Understand - we will NOT use these dishes.  This is for a visual decision.)  I set the dishes up last night and here are the "Top Four Corelle Choices"IMG_5591

Yea....this is a crappy picture - because these are not the dishes I really want.  The pictures below show the dishes I really want.


I really want the Fiesta - they are so bright and beautiful.  I decided to test them out in my cabinets to see if I would have any room.  What do you think?  (Note - the big red bowls are my mixing bowls.  I have an entire set of red mixing bowls and serving platters by Chantal.  I love my red stuff...another reason I want Fiesta - it will go with my existing collection.  Some of you may not know this but my middle name is Chantal.)



Before: IMG_5592


Oh my....

Don't you think they look lovely?

So I had a heart to heart with Randy last night.  He told me that he really wanted me happy....and "if Fiestaware was what makes Tina happy...then Fiestaware is what it will be".  But I reIMG_5594ally want him happy...so I asked him exactly what he had against the Fiesta...don't we all want the Fiesta?  He said that he did not think it was practical, he doesn't like the heaviness or the pastel colors, and he thinks the bowls are unorganized.  You know what...the bowls seem to represent my life right now....and I like it.  2009 was not the best year and getting these dishes seem like a new beginning to something old.  For all ten place-settings it was $200.00 which is totally under my budget.  This is what I really want.  So I told Randy....this is what I really want.  I told him he would get use to them...heck - when he first met me he didn't like me - he had to get use to me - seriously.  He didn't like saurkraut & sausage either - but he does now.  He didn't like Country & Western music - but he does now.  He didn't like babies - but he does now.  He didn't like thin pizza - but he does now.  For crying out loud the man drove only Chevrolet Suburban's for the past 20 years and switched to a Ford a few months ago!!  A switch from Corelle to Fiesta should not be that hard...right???

The jury is still out.  I am not going to use the Fiestaware in my cabinet....I am going to let it hang out a day or two and wait to see what Big Daddy thinks.

Have I totally lost my mind?  Did the flu overtake me?


Melissa said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is by far the cutest "fight" ever! I totally enjoy reading this, so please don't stop writing about it. I think the FW looks fabulous in your cabinets. I totally understand, though, trying to please the mister. It's a struggle over here too--but mainly it's over stuff like what perfume I wear. :)

Linda said...

You know what I told you on the phone last night . . . take it from me who is married to his brother . . . he will adjust. Just get ready for the bumpy ride until you reach smooth sailing. What's life without a little adventure.

Janine Deckard said...

Funniest blog posting ever! LOL! Avi is the stoneware lover and I'm the corningware lover in our family. But he's never really said much about our dishes. We try not to argue too much. The kids can get us steamed up. If you love it, he will adjust, because he loves you. I love a spotless house, he can be happy in a pigsty. This is our biggest fight. One day I will hire a maid for our rental house, but for now, it's clean the fricken house on the weekend for me. :-) LOL Just kidding. He's a good dad and loving husband, not so good at housekeeping. I can't have it all.

Shannon said...

I'm a Fiestaware fanatic and can tell you that THIS STUFF WILL NOT CHIP!!! And if it does, the company has a 5 year chip guarantee and great customer service. Why don't you try a compromise by letting him pick what color he wants to eat off of? he he!