Monday, January 11, 2010

To Party or Not to Party....

Do you remember "Butterfly Gold" by Corelle?

Here....see if this jogs your memory....CorelleButterflyGold2

This was the pattern that my family used in the seventies...when it came out.  So...imagine my surprise in 1998 when I learned Randy had the entire collection of  Butterfly Gold.  Wow - talk about a blast from the past.  When we got married we did not most newly weds request...a new "everyday" set of dishes...hello...we have a ton of Butterfly Gold - seriously....we have around 16 plates, bowls, cups, and saucers.

Well...I am tired of Butterfly Gold.  I mean I am really tired of these plain plates and plain bowls.  They are starting to look pretty bad too - they are chipped and wearing down.  Randy said they belonged to his Mother...he started using them when he was about 10 in 1972 and when he went to away to college in 1980 she gave them to him.  These plates....are as old as I am - 38 years old!

I think it is time for a change.

When we got married in 1999 and merged our households I b940ef16442bda6f0rought Fiestaware to the table.  Awww....I loved my Fiestaware.  It is bright in color, heavy, been around forever, made in the U.S.A. - West Virginia to be exact!  I had four - four pieces place settings - I remember me & Mom buying them right before I move to Amarillo.   Once Randy & I started combining dishes Randy refused to eat from my Fiestaware....he wanted his Corelle.  So for the first several years of marriage when I would cook I would serve his food on his Corelle and my food on my Fiesta.  It was so silly but I did not want to give up my color and my...Fiestaware.  But as years passed...more mixing bowls and Rubbermaid bowls appeared my Fiestaware lost it's space.  I finally surrendered and packed my Fiestaware away.

Then in 2006...Fiestaware made its way BACK to the Hare household!  After much complaining about the Butterfly and a huge fight Randy bought me Fiestaware!  I had it for several days on my kitchen counter until I insisted Randy take it back to the store.  I didn't want the dishes....they would only remind me of the fight we had. we are 2010.  For Christmas I scored a significant amount of cash.  I have spent the loot many times in my mind but I always keep coming back know...Fiestaware.  I thought my love and desire for Fiestaware was gone but Laura got Fiestaware for Christmas and she told me how much1ff3d9238a2f924c she loved it...and it rekindled all these sparks of desire that I thought were dead and gone.  I started searching and Dillard's has a great offer - buy four-five piece place setting for $24. each and get one free!  The time has come.  But to make this long blog short...or at least try too...a HUGE disagreement - doesn't that sound better than fight - ensued amongst me and my mister.  The details are not important - but it wasn't pretty.  I wasn't going to get my Fiestaware after all.  The shock and awe of this situation has had me really down.

So...imagine my face last night when I went to the back of Randy's Expedition to get some stuff out and the back of his Expedition were TEN - FIVE PIECE PLACE SETTINGS of Fiestaware.

What is a girl to do?  Yes...I should just take the stinking Fiestaware and shut-up...but will I think of all that we have been through with this Fiestaware?  Randy did tell me last night as I was overjoyed looking at my plates... that "the plates will take up a bunch of space"...they are" going to chip"...."they are so heavy"...but..."if that is what I really want".

I am trying to decide if I should keep the Fiestaware, get some new Corelle, or look for something completely different. you know why I am blogging at 3 am.  It does seem silly...there is a war going on, people are starving all over the world, and I am worried about...dishes.


Janine Deckard said...

My vote (worth about 2 pennies): find something you both love. there's a brand from France that i bought at target and it's heavy like stoneware but it's made from glass just like Corningware. Arcoroc I think is what it's called. I loved my black octagonal set. (had to leave it behind when we moved) Maybe they have a brightly colored set so you can both be happy. Come on, this is 2010, you have the internet! Shalom Habayit is paramount here. (Peace in the home). love and peace> Janine

Laura Fiskin said...

Use the Fiestaware, sister! A hungry man will eat off of anything.

Linda said...

Since Janine left her 2 cents worth, with my 2 cents you now have 4 cents. Okay, kidding aside. We have now had three sets of dishes since we have been married. All three have been pottery sets and they do take up a lot of space and they are very heavy. I hate putting the plate stack back in the cabinet as I can hardly lift it and it doesn't help that I have to lift it over my head. I have seriously been thinking of changing back to Correll. I have even been checking it out and have kind of settled on the new square ones. That's just my thoughts, and trust me when I say, "I know what you mean." Just read my drapes post!

Melissa said...

KEEP THE FIESTAWARE!!! Ok, I've said my piece. :) I just bought a 8 of the 4 piece place settings of dishes at IKEA. They are SO CUTE and I highly recommend them! So, if you can't look into getting IKEA dishes, then Fiestaware rocks!