Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally F.F.F.!!!

I have been trying to blog all week…but it has been one of those weeks! You know what I mean??

This picture is my Mom and my Aunt Lou – she is married to my Mom’s younger brother Lawrence. This photo cracks me up! Apparently iy was after Christmas…and they were having fun with my brother’s loot!

scan0001During our visit to Odessa last weekend we spent some quality time with my Aunt Lou & Uncle Lawrence. It was great. Everyone had a great time and John really had fun! Aunt Lou has a small dog named Coco which immediately became John’s new best friend!

IMG_4679My Aunt & Uncle looked good and they seemed to enjoy our company. John had to give everyone sweet loving!

IMG_4685IMG_4684I made my Mom & her brother get a picture together – they were laughing remembering memories from yesterday.IMG_4693Our hotel was great! Unfortunately my sister Gloria got sick and was unable to come with her husband Allen. (I am just giving my brother a hard time! I have to take a moment and THANK them for the GREAT, WONDERFUL, SPACIOUS, & COZY room! They had pre-paid for the room so they let me have it since they were unable to attend.) John loved it! There was a HUGE bathroom and lots of room to run, jump skip, and hop! He especially loved the large comfy bed! IMG_4729

IMG_4723 The Centennial Celebration was good. I was really disappointed by the turn out – hardly anyone was there. I was very thankful that I was able to spend some time with Debbie Friday evening and she stuck with me Saturday night. There were several people that recognized me…hugged me…wanted to know my life story…and had good things to say about me…but darn if I remembered them – none of them!! Debbie remembered ALL of them and gave me little facts to help jog my memory. (Debbie is planning our 20th reunion next year and it is a good thing cause she is in the know! If I go to the reunion I have already talked Debbie into wearing a hidden microphone and let me have an earpiece so that she can clue me into who I am talking too!)IMG_4744IMG_4739IMG_4742 IMG_4740 On Sunday we drove to Brownwood to meet Julie & Ty. We had lunch at Underwood’s – and it was fabulous! That is my most favorite place to eat in this world! I was able to catch a couple cute snapshots of PaPa & two of his Grandsons.IMG_4770IMG_4764It was a great weekend. We were all tired when we got home but it was worth it!

BTW – On a different note…please prayer for my little dachshund Doxy. She had a mild stroke while I was gone. She is doing better and the vet seems to think she will completely recover. **I lost another 2.6 pounds this week – total shocker…in total I have lost 28.6 pounds in 10 weeks! Many of you have asked me for my recipes…I am planning on starting another blog with recipes I have been making. In fact tonight I made Smothered Pork Chops in Onion Gravy – they were great!! I will e-mail you a link as soon as I finish it.**The Mountaineers won tonight…the Cowboys won on Monday – what a banner week!!

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Linda said...

Can't wait to see your new recipe blog. Do you need a custom background and signature? You know where to get them, just let me know what you have in mind. I'll get right on it in my spare time:) Actually I would love to do it, give me something else to think about.