Thursday, September 24, 2009


I know…graduation pictures should be in May…not September but this is a special occasion.  The high school I graduated from – Odessa High in Odessa, Texas is having a Centennial Celebration this weekend…and I am going!100_year_logo

John and I are leaving early in the morning and staying in Odessa Friday & Saturday. I haven't been home since John was born...I am sure things will look different. On Sunday we are driving to Brownwood to eat at Underwood's - the best BBQ in Texas!  Julie &  Ty are going to drive from Austin to meet us - can't wait to see my nephew...who is 6 foot already..&  it will be great to see Jules. I will take plenty of pictures!

I graduated in 1990.tinaAllen graduated in 1975.allenLarry graduated 1977.  larry

I think it is really cool that all three of us graduated from the same high school!  I loved high school and had a bunch of fun!  I learned early in my academic career that the more clubs/activities/organizations you belong too…the more you get out of class.  I was in drama, band, FHA, Junior League, HOSA, and several committees.  I would take summer school so that I could have more electives than actual classes!  One of my proudest moments was when I was selected to be apart of  Who’s Who Among High School Students my junior & senior year.  It is hard to believe I graduated 20 years ago!  My reunion will be in June next year…the plans have already started.

I do want to give a special “shout out” to my best friend Debbie-Dew.  Debbie and I have been best buds for many years…over 30 to be exact.  I am looking forward to seeing her this weekend!  I was going to post some of our embarrassing “younger” photos but I decided to post this one…it really shows our true personalities!!


Going home…I can’t wait.

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Vanessa Wooten said...

I wish I could have gone back to Odessa for the celebration, too. I hope you took lots of pictures to share with all of us.

And since you posted your high school picture, here's where you can see mine:

I would post it here, but the site won't let me.