Friday, October 16, 2009


Today is mine & Randy’s 10th Wedding Anniversary!  It is really hard to believe we have been married for 10 years!!  Like most marriages we have had our ups & downs but I would definitely go through all of it again.  I have learned it is the ups & downs that help develop character and define who we are. I have learned so much and experiences that  have taught me how to be a better wife & person. Wow – that’s sort of deep for me !

In honor of our Anniversary I thought I would share some of my favorite Wedding & Honeymoon pictures!  Hope you enjoy!

This one of my most favorite pictures from my wedding - my brother Allen snapped this photo of Ryan (my nephew) kissing me.  This photo is my favorite for several reasons….#1. look at Ryan’s foot – that is so precious and #2.  right before Allen got married when I was a little girl the photographer at his wedding caught me kissing Allen and snapped a picture.  I have always cherished that picture of me and Allen.  Now I cherish this picture and it is hard to imagine that Ryan will be 17 in March!!!Ryan and IThis is immediately after the “I Will’s”.img41My Parentsimg4

Randy’s Groom Men.  Kevin his brother was his best man.  He also had Kelly is brother-in-law, Jeff is cousin, Roger is childhood best friend, and Zeb his college buddy. imgf2Here’s my girls!  Linda was my maid of honor.  Christi was future sister-in-law, my childhood best friend Christin, my best friend Marsha, and my newest partner in crime Kim.imgf0Randy’s new family.     blogMy new family.imgf8Our cake was one of my favorite details.  It was Italian Crème and all of the flowers were sugar paste – completely edible!  I still have some of the flowers.  I was going to post some of the pictures of Randy & I tasting the cake…but they honestly looked like we were giving each other mouth exams!  We were nice to each other…we did not smear cake!imgg7

The Honeymoon!

When deciding where to go for our Honeymoon we thought of many places to go but Randy decided San Francisco & Monterey Bay.  (To be honest…and Randy knows this now…I thought he was completely out of his mind…SAN FRANCISCO – for our Honeymoon???  I thought that was a place for only people that played on the same team…if you catch my drift!) 

I was COMPLETELY wrong!!  What a wonderful city!  Now…it is one of my MOST favorite places in the world!  I have wanted to go back since I left!  Tony Bennett was right…I did leave my heart in San Francisco!  If you get a chance you must go.  The scenery was awesome, the food was incredible, and there is a ton of stuff to do!  We spent a week in San Francisco doing all there was to do…Coit Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Chocolate, major shopping, great restaurants and of course we had to go down Lombard Street – the crookest street in America!P1010066As a wedding gift one of Randy’s business partners flew to San Francisco with his wife…rented a limousine and took us to Napa Valley for the day!  Wow – that was unforgettable.  It was so much fun going to the different wineries tasting different wines and sparkling wines.  It was a very cool experience.P1010227P1010214Randy did excellent at picking our hotels on our Honeymoon!  While we were in San Francisco we stayed at the Westin St Francis.  The St. Francis is one of the oldest and fanciest Hotels in California.  Needless to say – I was impressed!  We were on the 26th floor and we could see all of San Francisco!  Here is a picture at night from our room.P1010137We spent a week in San Francisco and then drove the California Coast line on Highway 101 to Monterey & Carmel, California.  To be honest…I actually cried it was so beautiful.  The ocean and the countryside made for amazing beauty.  We stayed at Highlands Inn in Carmel…to sum up this hotel – check out our view from the balcony.PA280796While we were in the Monterey/Carmel area we went to Big Sur, the famous golf course Pebble Beach, and the Redwood Forest.  We did lots of shopping and once again…great food!  It was amazing trip!   PA280831PA280811PA280842

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Linda said...

Great post! What did Mookie (aka Kevin) say in his post that you had to remove? Did you even know Kevin was Mookie? He freaked me out a couple of times commenting before I figured out it was him. Happy Anniversary. Glad to have you as my sister-in-love.