Saturday, October 10, 2009

What a GREAT Surprise!

Yesterday when I got back from taking John to the doctor’s office I found a box from the post office addressed to me!

I was so excited!  I…like you…love getting boxes & cards in the mail – they are so much better than bills! 

The first thing I looked for was the return address…it was from my sister Gloria.  I was so excited…like a kid at Christmas!  Gloria is VERY talented when it comes to gifts…everything is done by her hand and is very creative!!  (I don’t know about you but I LOVE homemade gifts better than anything that could be bought!  Homemade gifts take time and really mean so much more to me!)

Gloria made me the most awesomeness blanket.  It is perfect!  It is large enough for me & John to snuggle underneath it together…it is so soft…and the material…well – it ROCKS!!!  And there is NO one else in the WORLD with a blanket like mine!!IMG_4869

It’s a WVU Blanket!!!  How cool is that?? 

But…it gets better!IMG_4871

Flip it over…and it’s a COWBOY blanket!!  I ask you…how perfect is that for me??  On Saturday’s the WVU side is up…and on Sunday’s the Cowboy side is up!IMG_4872

I love it!  And it is the perfect gift!  As most of you know Randy keeps the house…rather chilly and since I have been losing weight I have been getting colder more & more!  Today the high was something like 35…I used my blanket everywhere!  When John & I took our naps this afternoon he had his blankee & I had my blankee!

THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU GLORIA!  I love it!  Thank you for thinking of me!  For taking the time to make this…and surprising me!  It MADE my week!

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Linda said...

Those are the little blessings of life that keep us going.