Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Fun

John and I got up early today to go to the Walk for Life.  Walk for Life is a fundraiser for the Amarillo CareNet Pregnancy Center.  I volunteered and worked for CareNet for several years and I enjoy going to the Walk each year…especially to show off John.  Our friend Lisa “the enforcer” Donaldson joined us to celebrate life.  Lisa and I bought a get card for Janet (Janet works at the Center) for everyone to sign.  We got a bunch of signatures!  Janet’s brother & sister took it to her right after the Walk.IMG_4570IMG_4571IMG_4574IMG_4579

Here’s a bit of good news!   I had to buy some new pants since my old pants would not stay on!  (BTW – that is a great problem to have -  I lost 5.2 pounds last week!)  I have gone down three sizes in 9 weeks!  I am so excited and re-energized.  I am also excited because some of my favorite friends are going to join WW with me!!  It is so good to have a great support group!

My friend Janet is doing somewhat better.  I have seen her several times this week and I will see her before the weekend is over.  Thank you for your prayers! voice has been heard! (Stop it! I know you are saying imagine that!)  The cover of Texas Monthly Magazine a couple of months ago was about the 50 best burgers in Texas. They failed...and I mean really failed to mention ANY from Amarillo! You know it....they got a letter from yours truly! They didn't publish the entire letter but they did mention the most important part - where to get a great burger in Amarillo! Check it out!


Darla said...

It looks (from the pictures) that you and John had a wonderful day. He is getting so big it is hard to believe!

That is wonderful news about your weight loss and the problem of having to buy new pants - smaller ones! I would like to have that problem.

Blessings to you all!


Linda said...

The picture of you and John looks great. I can tell in your face that you have definitely lost weight. I'm sure I have found some of it on our trip. See you soon.