Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still A Pretty Good Day!

First – it is impossible to believe it is August already! How can that be? Mom & I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and they have all the Fall & Christmas decorations out! I will admit when I seen all WVUthe Fall decorations my heart did sink a little…and I almost cried – tears of joy that is! I love Fall! The leaves changing, football season, the air getting crisp, the holidays, baking yummy treats, did I mention football??

There is part of me so sad….my baby will be two in 22 days! I am amazed how fast time has zoomed by! I have his party already planned – imagine that! (My sister jokes that I probably already have my funeral planned I am so organized!) We ahow-thomas-the-tank-engine-works-7re not having a big shin-dig like last year…only cake & ice cream this year. The theme is Thomas the Tank Engine – which he loves…he calls it “toot-toot”! I ordered the cake & balloons already and made the invitations – which I think are soooo cute! I will post an invitation as the day gets closer!

Changing suIMG_4459bjects…please pray for my Daddy. We go back to Albuquerque next Tuesday for a heart doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. They told us in May that when we came back in 3 months that they would do another heart cath and surgery if necessary. I am not sure what to expect but we are taking enough clothes for at least a week. My Dad is feeling better but he stills get tired really fast.

Also…please pray for my brother Larry as he returns to Iraq on Monday. I don’t worry about him as mucl_df9c882680f44b31ac984d609f63361ah as I use to once he gets to Camp Liberty…its just the getting there that makes me sort of nervous - it’s a 18-20 hour flight for him. It has been so good to see him and spend some quality time with him. He has never been able to just come to Amarillo and hang out. We are going to the nail salon today…I am getting my nails fixed…he is getting a pedicure! I am taking him, Julie & Ty to see Texas tonight…you know how much I love that play!!

I am off and about for the day! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and great weekend!

BTW – I went to WW today…….I lost 7.8 pounds this week! In 14 days I have lost 16.8 pounds…I already met my 5% goal! My clothes are looser, my jewelry is fitting better, and I feel really good.

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Laura Fiskin said...

YOU ROCK!!! Come to Fargo and be my diet police. You are already my inspiration. As always I will be praying for your Dad and Larry.