Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Project…Day Two

Brian worked all day from 9 to 5 and only took one fifteen minute break! I know he had to be tired when he went home!

Today Brian painted the texture, sanded all the wood work and painted it. He removed the shower doors – which I promptly delivered to Re-Store along with the other items I am replacing. Then he gave everything a second coat. It looks so good!

IMG_4432IMG_4434IMG_4435Tonight me and Mom made a quick trip to Lowe’s & Target to purchase some vinyl flooring to put inside my cabinet under my sink, a face plate, a new toilet seat(see below), shelf paper, and a new door knob. This is starting to add up!!

Okay…I know this seat is cheesy…and I swore I would never own one like this…but I thought John would like it and maybe help with potty training. S1003121586

Check back tomorrow for the color…here’s a small hunt…the name of the color is Splashy. Brian and his wife Terry are going to work together – he puts the paint on and she smears it off.

Tomorrow will be busy. Besides my bathroom being painted I weight in tomorrow…I am hoping for at least 3 pounds gone. My brother Larry, who works in Iraq, will be here to visit a few days. His wife Julie is turning 50 on Saturday…we have a few surprises for her. I am excited to see Larry and Julie! And of course Ty Allen who is now 14 and measure around six foot one!!

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