Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Project

I came into a little money this past April. My 401K with WorldCom, which I lost over $150k due to corporate fraud, had a settlement and I got less than $500. I was disappointed it wasn’t a larger amount but I am grateful…at least it was something . (BTW - the CEO – B. Ebbers is in a federal jail in Arkansas for the rest of his life.)

When I found out I was getting this money I knew exactly what I was going to do with it – paint my bathroom! I have wanted to re-do my bathroom for sometime but we have never budgeted for it or taken the time to plan it.

Linda and I picked out some colors…I had a tequila sunrise imagine in my mind…we had a plan. My Mom came over and helped me remove the wallpapers, patched the damage spots, removed the mirrors, the cabinets, and the drawers but then it was time to texture the walls. After completing half a wall I started crying - it looked like crap…it was hot…and it smelled bad. And I realized…


I HATE DIY projects. My Mom is queen of DIY projects – she is so crafty, creative, energetic…I thought for sure I had this hidden passion…& untapped source of talent – NOT!! All of my close friends – Linda, Julie, Melissa, DeeDee – do these projects with great success all the time! I hate it. I mean I really hate it. It is not calming, relaxing, or therapeutic for me…instead it frustrates, aggravates, and annoys me. I have no talent or patience for this type of stuff.

Then between the snot, tears, sweat, and frustration I remembered my handyman Brian Miller. (Brian has been my “go to guy” for the past three years. He has painted some rooms for me & my folks, fixed faucets, garbage disposals, electrical stuff, touch-ups, and anything else that Randy does not feel like doing. Brian is sort of my honey-do when my honey-doesn’t!) As I was crying I called Brian at 8pm last Wednesday evening and said….”help me”! He came over Saturday and gave me a quote..a little over budget but nothing I can’t cover. He told me he would start as soon as he finished his current job and to my delight he called Monday night and said he could start on Tuesday and be finished by Saturday!

My color scheme has change - Brian does this really cool texturing technique that I am excited about. I went tonight and picked my new color, bought shower doors, a light, mirror, and new hardware for my cabinets. Check back daily for updates.


John helping me remove wallpaper…IMG_4416

John helping PaPa remove the toilet… IMG_4420

Brian is about start texturing… IMG_4422

Close-up of the texture tonight…IMG_4428

Tomorrow Brian paints the texture white, then color on Thursday, and a glaze on Friday.

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Vanessa Wooten said...

wow, look at those stripes and border... I don't blame you for wanting a change :)