Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Project …Day Three


Here is my new bathroom.




I LOVE it! It reminds me of an ocean/beach type atmosphere. The white stands out…and I really like the Splashy color. Randy was very nervous about the color…he is an “earth tone” sort of guy. He was hoping I would do it in some beige or tan color…but it seems like my whole house is beige – I wanted COLOR! Randy just came and told me he likes the color!

All Brian has to do tomorrow is the finishing touches. I am going to buy new towels & rugs this weekend…and totally re-organize everything. This has really lifted my spirits. I can’t wait to take a relaxing bath while sipping a fruity drink & listening to Jimmy Buffett!

(BTW – thanks a million to everyone that has called & commented on my blog & Facebook & e-mail about my life style change and recent success. I am really “pumped” about this week…I know that 9 pounds will not happen every week but it was a good place to start! I love your encouragement and support. I really want to stick with this - I don’t want to get lazy again. So you have to hold me accountable when I start drifting! Love you – and thanks again!)

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Linda said...

Hey, looks great! Are we still doing the mirror? I'm game if you are. I'll go check out the stuff tomorrow, can you go?