Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Little Man...

Right after John was born Randy said “I knew I would love my son…I just didn’t know that I would be in love with him.” That’s exactly where we both are…in love with John. It is hard to believe that he is 22 months…only two months until he is 2! Where has the time gone?

It’s funny…every month of his life I think…”this is my favorite age”…and then the next month comes along! He is at such a fun age. Everyday he make me laugh…everyday he does, or says something that just makes me smile. He is starting to form words, he understands what we ask him, he is mimicking everything we do, and he has a little stubborn streak.
How did I get so blessed to have such a fun and spirited little boy? My Daddy use to say…”I must have been doing something right for the Lord to give me Tina”…well…I say that now about John. I read a quote in a magazine this weekend that I loved…”how did God know I wanted this exact little boy?”

For those of you who are not around John here are some recent “John’isms”

Randy has taught John to kiss me…when I am sleeping like Prince Charming kisses Snow White or Sleep Beauty. It is the most precious thing…John comes up to my face…puts a hand on each cheek and lays the biggest & sloppiest wet kiss on my lips! Of course I bounce up and throw my arms around him – it is a big production! I love it! I can not get enough kisses…and I know that I better get all that I can right now! I am storing them.
John is pretty good at remembering animal sounds…like the monkey, the cow, the pig, the dog, and other things like Thomas the Train which is “toot-toot’. I taught him that Dad snores…which I thought was pretty funny…until Daddy taught him that Mommy says “nag…nag…nag.”

Anytime the phone rings it is a race to see who answers it first. All John says is “what”…”what”…”what”…then he waves bye-bye to the phone and throws it down. He is really good at redial…he has called everyone from my brother, his MaMa & PaPa Light, his Daddy at work, his LeeLee, and the pizza parlor. And the door bell…so much for avoiding salesmen - he will stand at the door yelling until I open it!
Randy and I are not sure where he learned this but anytime it is dark…especially at night as we are putting him to bed…he whispers…”da-da”. It is in a strange tone and you can barely hear him. It is the funniest thing ever! We crack-up every time we hear him say it!!

He loves to ride his Rody (a bouncy horse), wear his Cowboy hat, point his gun in the air, and hoot & holler. I am not sure if it is a good thing but he tries to shoot everything. I have to fake my death at least ten times a day…but he immediately gives me a Prince Charming kiss to wake me up!
This amazes me & Randy. Anytime we pull onto Coulter or Georgia Street John knows the yellow duck for Quick Quack Car Wash is going to be coming up. He only starts saying duck or quack when we are on those two streets!! And he will not say duck or quack normal… it is like "dddd….uuuu…..cccc….kkkk" or "qqqq…..uuuu….aaaaa…..cccc…..kkkk". We quack up every time! hee...hee...hee
He loves watermelon, oranges, strawberries, milk, bacon, pinto beans, and cheese but he does not like ice cream, cake, or other desserts!

He loves routine. Every night after I give him a bath, brush his teeth, rub him down with lotion, & blow dry his hair he runs as fast as he can down the hall to Daddy. As he runs he throws one arm behind him and yells “Daddy…Daddy…Daddy”. Daddy is waiting in the big chair with a warm bottle of milk and his blanket. (I know…the bottle – he is almost two! He only takes one bottle a day and it is this one! I tried a few weeks ago to serve him warm milk in a sippy cup…when he got in Daddy’s lap and Daddy handed him the sippy cup…John looked at me like I was crazy…handed me the cup and said “no…no…no”) Plus…Randy and I love this time. It is so sweet. After he gets in Randy’s lap I cover him with his blanket, we say a bedtime prayer, I get a kiss, and he goes to sleep. In the morning he yells the Tarzan yell for me to come and get him…as I enter the room he points to the cd player and we have our morning music…which includes a few dances together. He loves to dance – his style of dancing is turning around in a circle but he eyes are always cut to the side…he looks like he is chasing a tail!
Yesterday in the car Randy had a major sneezing attack…John had to mimic it.

Spanking does not work…but alone time does the trick!
He is starting to potty on the toilet and in his potty chair. Yesterday he told me he was pee’ing…and this afternoon he took off his shorts and diaper by his self and brought them to me…as I was cooking dinner – I should add the diaper was full of #2.

You will ask him to do something and 90% of the time he will immediately fall to the floor and start snoring. When I try to lay him down for a nap when he is not tired he will snore…thinking he has fooled me! He has to have a nap or he is a mess by 7pm. If I let him…he would nap 3 to 4 hours everyday! Naptime is usually around 1pm…anytime after 3pm is a no-no.

When we go to the grocery store John and Randy have their own cart.
These are just a few things he does to keep our life interesting.
I often say I have to get up earlier to keep up with my boy.
I am blessed…my cup runneth over.

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the bawlfest! haha
Seriously though, I just cried my eyes out reading this post. You, my friend, are the sweetest momma I know. You have such a BIG heart for that boy, and I love to read what you write about him. It's like I can really hear you saying it--for I know you mean every word. Thank you for just being YOU.
And I WILL call you back. It's been a hard day--just emotional. I wanna hug your neck soon.

Janine Deckard said...

Such a sweet little man. He's about the only boy that I call little man. He is going to be such a great man when he grows up. With so much confidence and love, watch out world HERE HE COMES! It's been such a pleasure to get to see him. I only wish I had more time to play with you guys. Great blog! Happy Monday! God bless you!

Linda said...

Awesome post. You are right, where does the time go? It's amazing that he is almost two and I am blessed to be part of his life. Thanks for sharing your little man with me and Uncle Kevin.