Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Iron Update

Every Monday evening our church has a healing ministry. Randy and I went last night to have some things prayed for. One prayer request Randy had was healing for my anemia. I told Randy it wasn’t necessary…I had been healed.
I KNEW that the four iron treatments I had was enough! (By the way…I feel better than I have in a long time! I have energy…I have been walking over a mile on my treadmill everyday…and I have lost five pounds in two weeks!) Randy asked them to pray anyway…which is always a good plan…I don’t think a person can overdose on prayer!!
Today was my follow-up appointment with my hematologist Dr. Lim. I was so confident that everything was great I took my little spit-fire with me - he was a hoot! He had all the patients and ladies in the business office under his spell – it was so funny to see him so outgoing!
By the time I actually got to see Dr. Lim (over an hour later) my….my….let’s just say…my ”spirited” little boy was a handful! When Dr. Lim finally entered the room John was climbing on the chairs, pulling the paper off the exam table, trying to access the internet, opening drawers, tearing my purse apart…I was sweating…my hair was a wreck….need I go on? All I heard Dr. Lim say was we need more treatments as soon as possible…starting…now.
So…I called Randy in a panic to pick up John and took another dose of iron. I have to have at least six more treatments and the doses have increased. On one hand I am disappointed but on the other hand…if these four doses made me feel so good…I should REALLY feel good after the next six!!
Totally changing the subjects…
When I came home John was taking a nap and Randy said before he laid down he went to the garage and asked…”where’s Momma?” This is one of the first times he has formed two words like this - *sigh* - proud Momma moment! It ended quickly though…when John woke up from his nap he got sick at his stomach…all over the bed & comforter!

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Linda said...

So sorry to hear about your iron thing still not working out. Do you know if they have checked you for B12 defeciency? Hester's doctor just told her she was extremely B12 deficient and when I looked it up, surprise, surprise, it is directly linked to severe anemia. Just a thought. Love you.