Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Daddy's 77 birthday!
To say that I am blessed to have him as my Daddy is an understatement!
I truly have a wonderful Daddy!
My Daddy is one of the most caring and kind men you will ever meet...plus he is pretty darn funny! He has always worked hard to provide for his family and he does not understand how to slow down. He always gives 100% and he has always been there for me - no matter what. I am definitely a Daddy's girl and I always will be. Something that warms my heart more than anything is the love that my Daddy and my son have for each other. John tolerates all of us...but he loves his PaPa Light!
I thank God everyday for my folks.

I am blessed...my cup runneth over!
Happy Birthday Daddy!


TexasMeurers said...

Tell Daddy I love him and wish him a Happy Birthday!!!

Linda said...

How sweet and yes we are very lucky to have the dad's God blessed us with. My daddy's birthday was Sunday.

Melissa said...

Daddys certainly are special huh! :) Happy birthday to your Daddy, and I just wanted you to know I've totally been enjoying ALL of your posts--especially the FFF's. Love you!