Thursday, June 11, 2009


The “hottie” in this Friday Family Fhoto is my Randy!
The love of my life will be celebrating another birthday tomorrow.
He is amazing man and I am very blessed to have him in my life. I can not imagine going through this journey (especially parenthood) without him as my mate. He makes me feel every emotion possible…and then some. He does not love half heartedly…if that makes sense. If he can’t give it his all…he is not going to give anything – which makes him simply wonderful to me.

Most people are intimidated by him and most people don’t understand him…and are quick to judge who he is when they truly do not know him.
He is mysterious and very deep. I will let you know that he is the most giving & loving man I have ever known. He makes me laugh…the sort of laugh that coke comes gushing out my nose. He makes me think…about things that I would have ever thought of. He has taught me so much about our Lord, being a better person, forgiveness, and how to have passion…to be passionate about something.
All the above qualities are wonderful but there are two things that truly make my husband wonderful. #1. His love and fear of our Lord Jesus Christ. He leads us in prayer every night before we sleep, he always asks the Lord to bless his meals, he reads the bible at least two hours everyday, and he has prayed over me many times. He leads our little family well. #2. He is the best Daddy ever. He loves our son more than I could have never imagined. He jumps in and takes over all the time - he is so very patient with John. I could write forever about his Daddy skills. I do believe God has placed a mantle of fatherhood on Randy.
As I celebrate his life this weekend I am thankful…very thankful.
Happy Birthday Daddy-Doe…I love you.

(BTW - He was about 19 in this picture and the Ferrari is actually Magnum PI’s!!)
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Linda said...

Nice post and even though we might complain about our Hare men, I too couldn't imagine life without them.

TexasMeurers said...

Such a stud!!!!

Melissa said...

WOW...enough said. :0) Love it!!

J said...

This is the Randy I knew back at Nunn when we worked there....He is still a very handsome man...