Thursday, May 28, 2009

Self Deprecating Humor

I like to think I am a smart girl. Okay…I am not so book smart…and if you have been reading my blog you have probably noticed that I don’t write & spell very good either. However; I do enjoy blogging and I have always heard that practice makes perfect. With all that being what it is…I thought I would take a moment to engage in some self deprecating humor.
In the past year I have learned some new things…that honestly I did not know!
#1. The cabinet of drawers in your bedroom are called “chest of drawers”…not cheshire drawers. My entire life I always thought they were cheshire drawers and I always wondered why they would name a piece of furniture after a cat. And anytime I would hear cheshire drawers…I would immediately think of the cat from Alice in Wonderland. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland…I thought it was a bizarre movie when I was a child– did you like it?
#2. I learned something from a McDonald’s commercial recently. I thought when you were hungry you had “hunger pains”…but I learned from the commercial nonetheless…it is hunger pangs. By the way I looked up the definition of pang and the dictionary said…a sudden feeling of distress or pain. So why couldn’t you say hunger pains…is not the same thing??
#3. Here ya go….here’s a good one I learned yesterday! The past few months my Avalanche has had a knocking sound every time I would start it up. I finally took it to the shop yesterday and they said my catalytic converter needed replaced. (Side note – it was still under warranty – no cost –PTL!!)
{I remember being a child and the catalytic converter went out on our Oldsmobile when we were on our way home from Disney World and we had to stay the night in a strange little town for a few days.} Anyway…I thought from a very young age that a “catalytic converter” was called a cadillac converter! When the repairman told me I needed a new catalytic converter…I asked my Dad why did they name this part after a cadillac?? Of course Dad laughed at me and said it was a catalytic…not a cadillac. Hmmm…you learn something new everyday!
Hope you found some humor in this. And just for the record I apparently stink in math also. Leelee had a math problem on her blog that I KNEW I had right….and I was really wrong!

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