Saturday, May 23, 2009

F.F.F. - on Saturday

Here is my Family Fhoto for Friday…on Saturday.
Since it is graduation time across America I thought I would share my graduation picture with you. I graduate from Odessa High in Odessa, Texas in May 1990. Our motto that year was…”You can kiss my hiney and make it shiny cause I am the class of of ‘90” – brilliant huh?
I liked high school for the most part…actually I hated high school and loved all the extra-curricular activities. I was in band, drama, state officer for FHA, junior council for Odessa, a medical program and many more. Anytime I could take a summer school course I would that way I could take an elective during the school year. In fact all my “main” courses (expect english & math) were done by the time I was a senior so my senior year I went to school half a day and worked half a day - that was part of the medical program (mentioned above)…I wanted to be a nurse.
Looking back I wish I would have pursed the goal of becoming a nurse. I went to a local college for seven years…I have over 100 hours but no degree – I constantly changed my major. My parents really wanted me to go away to college but I had a steady boyfriend…then I got a job with good pay & great benefits. I wish I would have gone away to college to have that seems like fun.
Despite all of my “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve of” - my life now is EXACTLY what I always wanted. I never wanted a big career…or even small career - I wanted to be a stay at home Mommy….taking care of a husband and baby.
So…how did I get here you ask? In September 1995 my friend Christin told me about a front desk job opening with a small corporation called ATC/LDDS. I interviewed with Mona Bethany - who would became my mentor & sweet friend that I still have contact with today! (I’ll never forget when the interview was over I shook her hand & told her “Ill make you a good hand”…which is a “farming/ranch” term. When I left the interview I kicked myself all week for saying that – who would hire a hick that would say that – how unprofessional is that?? When she did hire me on September 25th (see there’s that day again) she told me she had already decided during the interview that I was the “one” but when I made “that” remark – she knew for sure I was the “one”…she grew up on a farm and said I had to be good people if I knew that remark!
I worked for ATC/LDDS for nine years. In that nine years the company grew to become WorldCom then WorldCom bought MCI – and that was the end to a great little company…for those of you who don’t know the company was in a large scandal…sort of like Enron. I lost all of my savings and the CEO is in a jail in Arkansas for the rest of his life. Anyway…in those nine years I had three promotions…the final promotion being a “customer account relations coordinator”. (It was a GREAT job – I LOVED my job – another blog…another time) In January 1998 Mona sent me to see one of our customers the “evil & dreaded” Randy Hare with Nunn Electric. Our first meeting was awful – in fact when I got to my car…sobbing uncontrollably I swore that I would NEVER speak to that man as long as I lived! Nine months later (Sept 25th to be exact) I moved to Amarillo to be close to him….and eleven months later I married him. (I will be blog’ing about that in October 2009!)
It is hard to believe I have been out of high school for 19 years! This was a very happy time for me. I remember all the cards (which I still have) and gifts I received from family & friends…some I did’nt even know - it was like Christmas in May.
My family was all together – healthy & happy…it was good times - damn good times.


Linda said...

Love it! It's amazing where we think we are going in life and where we actually end up. I'm glad God brought you this way. I love you.

TexasMeurers said...

Where is my daily post that you are making me keep up with? LOL