Friday, May 29, 2009


This is a picture of my sweet cousin Sandy.
Sandy is my dearest & closest friend...we talk on the phone at least a dozen times a week.
I hate that she lives so very far away but the miles don't stop us from being close!
Sandy is a few years older than me and I have always idolized her.
I loved this picture when I was a young girl...I thought she looked like a movie star!
She is a beauty - she is a combination of Meg Ryan, Olivia Newton-John, & a blond bombshell! She always looks like a million dollars - her clothes are always pressed, every hair is in place, and picture perfect make-up - she is VERY polished. Besides her great looks she has a wonderful personality and a blast be to around.
In our long conversations we day dream about going on a cruise, or going to a beach, drinking margaritas, or taking our kidlets to Disney we manage to solve all world problems.
I think the world of Sandy and I miss when we don't get to chat.
I am thankful to have Sandy...she is my buddy!
And how could I forget...she is a HUGE WVU FAN!

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Linda said...

You're right. She does look like a movie star. I can see why you idolized her since she was probably a 'cool' teen when you were young.