Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning....

I don't have anything new to report. They are "assembling a team" today to decide what to do about the aneurysm in dad's left leg. They may let it heal on its on....or they may try to fix it.

Dad is doing better - he looks good...he was able to shave and take a bath - sort of. He is still in ICU...his blood pressure will not stabilize - which is normal after what he has been through. They are trying all sorts of combinations of bp medicine to see which one will work. His diabetes is not good...but that's because he is not eating that much - he says the food is awful and I can not bring him anything from outside the hospital. He's pulse, oxygen & everything is really good - so at least we have that going for us!!

My Mom is doing okay...she is really tired & stressed. The hotel we were staying at is booked up for the rest of the week so we had to find a new one yesterday - which was a huge hassle since almost all the hotels were booked....BUT the Lord took care of us and blessed us! I was able to find a Homewood Suites just around the corner from our first hotel. Linda got me hooked on Homewood Suites - they are the best! It is about $20. a night more expensive than the first hotel but...we get a full breakfast and dinner, our room is HUGE with a full size refrigerator, microwave, and table plus it has two rooms - a living room & bedroom! We had a great dinner at Outback last night and we were able to catch a quick nap! We both slept good last night and we are taking it slow this morning. (We can't get into ICU until 11am mountain time)

I am doing good but I am REALLY missing John....and Randy. Everywhere I look I see little ones and my heart just aches. (For those of you who follow Stellan - I don't know how McMomma did it!) John did talk to me on the phone yesterday - it was sweet. Him & Randy seem to be having a great time together. I keep begging Randy to take a picture of him on his cell phone and send it to my cell phone...he has yet to do that! I have never been away from John this heart hurts...and I think I am losing my mind...I bought a Miley Cyrus cd yesterday - what the heck is wrong with me??? My brother Allen wants to come here but I keep telling him that I am good and I really think we might go home early this week. Plus....I might need his help once we get home.

Hopefully today will bring some better answers & revolver some issues!
Thanks for your prayers & concerns.
Love You!

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