Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Update

I am not sure what to post at this point - we are very frustrated to say the least! There are 5 to 8 different doctors taking care of my Dad and getting a chance to talk to one is next to impossible!
They did an angioplasty on Friday afternoon - it took about three hours. Dad's RCA (right coronary artery) was 90% blocked and they were able to open to 70% - which is good. They have him on several new medicines that are going to help with the blockage. He has had a good day today but his blood pressure has been up & down - which is normal considering what he has been through plus...getting him regulated on the new medicine will take some adjusting. They would have released him on Monday but they have discovered an aneurysm in his leg where they did the angioplasty on Friday. They are going to run some tests in the morning to see what needs to be done - this is not a big is a common side effect with this procedure.
They have said we could possibly come home on Tuesday or Wednesday if everything goes well. Thank you for all of your prayers & concerns.
Linda or I will update you on Sunday.

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