Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Tuesday Morning!

Yesterday was the best day Dad so far!
He is eating better (I had a long talk with him about his diabetes & not eating....and how that can prolong our stay - the food is still awful but he is forcing it down), he got up and walked for the first time in six days (which made him very happy), and he is still in ICU only because there are no other rooms available(I like ICU - they seem to watch the patients closer).

Dad's blood pressure is still NOT the best but it is going to be manageable....the cardiologist team has released him...however the vein/vessel doctors want to keep him a few more days. The aneurysm is about the size of a walnut and it has a blood clot in it. (If you are like me and you panic when you hear the word aneurysm rest assured that "this" type of aneurysm is NOT life threatening.) The doctor told me that they could operate and remove the aneurysm but they want to wait to see if it heals itself. They said Dad has been through enough this past week and they do not want to stress his heart with another operation. They are going to do another ultrasound/doppler Wednesday morning and then decide what to do. They have already told us we will have to come back in 20 days for a recheck. So we may get to come home on Wednesday...I am not getting my hopes up yet! We are still averaging seven to ten different doctors a day and I have been told something different from all of them - I am so glad my hope and future is in ONE MAN...the ultimate healer and not these earthly men!

Mom and I are resting better...we love our hotel! We have been running around Albuquerque quite a bit. Dad seems to rest better when we are not hovering around him like mother hens. I know my way around the city pretty good now...it is easy to navigate! The VA hospital is beautiful and HUGE!!

John and Randy are doing okay. Randy has injured his shoulder playing with John...he went to church last night to be prayed over. Randy said that John had a restless night looking for me...so I told Randy to meet me in Santa Rosa (it is half way between Alb. & Ama.) TODAY...and bring John's suitcase! I am dying to see my baby! After discussing it Randy decided that he would drive here...but John started wheezing last night...so we decided not to take him out of Amarillo into a different climate. Only a few more days!!!

Thanks for the prayers!

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