Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coming Home!

Dad was released from the hospital late Wednesday night. He is doing better but he is really tired. He is not completely healed but the doctors here have a great plan to help him out. We already have two return trips here scheduled for the next three months.

Dad was very anxious to leave the hospital tonight...who can blame him after 9 days of laying in a bed...unable to take a shower...or go outside he left me to handle all of his new medications & discharge instructions!
The first thing we did when we left the hospital was get him some good food...and then he took a long hot shower! Since it was late we decided to stay another night here in Albuquerque...but I can guarantee we will be up early to go home! All three of us are very excited to see John...I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight...I am crying just thinking about it. Randy is REALLY ready for me to be home...he has decided that my job is alot harder than his job...but my job is fun & has great perks! I can not wait to hug & kiss John...and Randy...I am not going to do nothing the rest of the week except play with John!

BTW - In the last 48 hours I have...
Been attacked by a huge swarm of bees, bought a cup of coffee for a convict, danced with a janitor in a busy hospital lobby to the music of a live mariachi band, had my mother tell people that I was keeping her at some homeless suites, learn all the words to a Miley Cyrus song, and come face to face with a 65 year old transvestite on a red hoveround, with a long dark brown wig, silk brown skirt, cute white shoes, deep & raspy voice with bigger "assets" than Dolly Parton."

Tell me I haven't had excitement...


Melissa said...

OMgosh...that is the FUNNIEST thing ever about your last 48hrs!! My parents and I laughed our bottoms off. Dad says he sees stuff like that in the VA here--that's why he loves his job. :)

bourbongirl1019 said...

PTL - Dad's going home! That is awesome!!!!

And you're keeping Mom at some "homeless suites". Priceless.