Wednesday, March 25, 2009


On Thursday we were going to eat a giant burger from Arnolds, paint the Cadillac’s, and go to the Big Texan to eat. We did manage to eat the giant burger from Arnolds…by the way…if you have never eaten there before – don’t!! Oh my gosh…it was one of the best burgers I have ever had!!! Spare yourself the cravings! My nieces from Austin were running behind so we didn’t get to the Cadillac ranch but my brother found a really cool rock/fossil shop on Polk Street. He told me the address was 107 S. Polk…I told him there was no “rock shop” on Polk! Nunn (where Randy works) is 119 S. Polk…I have been on Polk a thousand times and never seen it!! I called the rock shop for an exact location and the owner said…”directly across from Nunn on Polk Street”. The building says Hawkins Trailer Supply….but they also have rocks & fossils in back. If you like that sort of thing check it out…apparently it is awesome.
So after we “rock” shopped we had to meet the limos from the Big Texan to take us to dinner. The Big Texan has free limo’s ride to their restaurant…it is quite the hoot! The Big Texan was a blast! I did not expect to have such a fun time but we did! There was a 16 year old boy (Tristan) who tried to eat the 72oz steak…it was fun to cheer him and watch with anticipation…we all really wanted him to finish. He actually picked up the steak and was eating it like a burger…bless his heart - he didn’t even finish half of it! We all hooted & hollered! John had so much fun…he could be as loud as he wanted. By Thursday evening John was use to all the people and LOVED being the center of attention! I should mention that my Mom started having neck problems early this day…but we figured she had slept wrong the night before.

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