Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Friday was going to be an all day trip to the Canyon. We were going to go horse back riding… have family pictures made… have a picnic…do some hiking…all sorts of fun activities - I had really big plans this day! Around 7:30 in the morning Mom called and said Dad had a fever of 103, his blood pressure was high, and he was real weak. Mom’s neck was really bothering her but she insisted we take care of Dad first. Allen (my oldest brother) and I took Dad to the VA hospital where they recommended us go to the emergency room since his primary doctor was booked. To make a long story short they admitted Dad to the hospital…he had a urinary tract infection. Mom insisted we go on to the Canyon without them…she would stay with Dad. Her neck was still bothering her but she said she would be okay. My niece’s boyfriend Marcus got an awful stomach bug Thursday night so he could not leave the hotel at all on Friday. So…me, John, Allen, Larry. Julie, Gloria, Ty, Ryan, and my nieces went to the Canyon to go horse back riding. I don’t want to go into great detail here but we did not go horse back riding…the stable I had reservations with was…let’s just say…not nice. Instead we drove through the Canyon…found a little trail, and hiked. It was actually fun…John thought he was as big as his cousins and wanted to go wherever they went! Once we got back to town Julie & Larry picked up Mom and we made plans for the rest of the evening. Allen & Gloria decided to eat a quick bite and then go check on Dad. Mom wanted to stay at home and relax…her neck was really bothering her and the rest of us went to Joe’s Crab Shack. We had a blast at diner…of course beer & crab legs are one of my most favorite things!! Once again we hooted…and hollered! Marcus was feeling a little better…not much…he did join us for dinner but you could tell he wasn’t his self. After dinner we were all really tired so we called it a night…that’s my story and I am sticking to it. No…I did not try to get my nephews to steal something, no…I did not take them to the wrong side of town, and no way did I tell them to lie to their folks! Hmmmmm…changing the subject…poor John had not had any naps to speak of…so by night time he was wiped out! He really tried to keep up.

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