Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wanna Make God Laugh??

Mother Teresa once said…”If you want to make God laugh just tell Him your plans”. This is one of my favorite quotes that I say often…lately I have been saying it daily. (Not to offend anyone but I believe God has a sense of humor. Yes I believe He is all powerful, holy, and perfect…but I also believe He has a laugh.) With this being said my spring break plans did not go as I HAD planned. We did have a fun time but we had some major hip-cups along the way.

Everyone started arriving Wednesday afternoon. I had fun creating a little competition between my brothers…one was driving from Houston and the other one from Austin. I would call one and say…”you know Allen is only 4 hours away”….then I would call the other brother and tell him “you know Larry is only 3 hours away”…it became a race. Once everyone got here (Larry got here first) we decided to go eat Mexican food and then came back to my house to watch A.I. which I had recorded from the night before…then we watched the result show. I must say A.I. has some awesome talent this year - this should be a different blog. I did not know my sister-in-law Gloria was into it as much as I was….we are already planning a trip to San Antonio to see the concert this summer! After that everyone went to their hotels…or back to Mom’s house…we had to get plenty of rest! Remember…I had BIG plans!

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