Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday my brother Allen went to the hospital early and Dad was released by noon. Since Allen had to get Ryan back to Houston and then drive home to Corpus Christi they decided to leave that afternoon. My nieces & Marcus decided to head back to Austin since Marcus was still so sick. My Mom had the worse headache of her life…and her neck was still bothering her. My sister-in-law Julie now had the stomach bug. All that was left was me, Randy, John, Ty, & Larry. We played the Wii and went to dinner. It was a short day. On Sunday Larry & what was left of his family left early…my family slept most the day. Ty and my niece Tamara ended up getting the stomach bug, my Mom still doesn’t feel all that well, Dad is doing better, and Larry leaves for Iraq at 5pm today. Even thought things didn’t go as I planned we did have fun. I do regret we didn’t have a family picture made. Oh well…such is life!

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Linda said...

Even though your plans didn't all work out, it looks like you had a great time with your family. Your pictures turned out good as well. I guess that means you got a new keyboard?????