Friday, March 27, 2009

This is for the birds...

As you know we are getting pounded by wind & snow. I have never seen anything like this…you can only see a few hundred yards…everything is white…there is little traffic…and the snowing is blowing in at a 90 degree angle. I am very thankful I have a warm cozy home, lots of good food, and plenty of entertainment – entertainment is…John of course! I have a pot roast on for dinner…it smells very yummy and I am going to take a long hot bath after this blog!
I did want to share one interesting event today…we have had some company… two little robin birds...trying to escape the elements. They were perched on my back door step when I got up….they were looking at me like “what is going on…it was 75 and pleasant yesterday!” I tried to scare them away…in fear that when I let my dingos out they would cause bodily harm to these cute birds. The birds flew away for a few seconds but when I opened the door for the dingos to come in…the robins tried to join them! The robins hung out at my back door most of the morning and final they found shelter elsewhere - thank goodness I could not stand to see them so cold. After an hour or so I heard the robins chirping loudly…and it actually sounded joyous! I continued to look outside to see where they were…and the sound led me to my garage. When I opened the door to the garage…there they were perched on top of the Suburban…just chirping along. (We have an open dog kennel from the backyard to the garage) When I came back inside to grab my camera they started flying all over the place…so I didn’t get a picture of them in the garage…I went ahead and opened the garage door to let them out. (I should have left them in there but with my luck John or Randy would let the robins in the house and I could not imagine that nightmare!) But…as I type away I hear them at my back door again. Poor little robins!
If the snowing slows down Randy and I are planning on adventuring out to that some pictures. My sister is going to post some on her spot too! Be looking!!

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