Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I love Christmas. I love everything about it...the decorations, the lights, the presents, the food...and spending quality time with family and friends. However...after December 25th I am ready to get on with life. I am ready for the decorations to be stored away, the presents to be put in appropriate places and the new year to begin. In fact this year I realized I might have a "disorder" about my obsession about decorations. Randy didn't want me to take anything down until he went back to work on January 5th...I relented and did very well until the 2nd....then I saw my neighbor putting his away and I couldn't resist!! I had to do it!
To the point of this rambling...
I understand people leaving decorations up...long into the new year...they have jobs, family stuff, and general "life". What I don't understand is people turning their decorations on after...let's say...January 10th!!! It makes me crazy!!! There is a man and his wife at the end of my block and they are still turning their Christmas tree on. They do this every year! I know this family...they are not some strange religion that believes in Christmas decorations until February but each year...it gets later and later when he turns off his tree. It was almost February when he decided not to turn the tree on last year...and March when he actually took it down. Why??? Can anyone answer me why??? Do they have more family coming in and to stay in the spirit they keep the tree on??? It is the 14th of January??? And...the house across the street from this guy...still has his tree on...but I think they may be out of town & it is on a timer. Back to my rant...Christmas has been over for 20 days???
Randy tells me to "get over it"...they enjoy Christmas plus it is "none of my business". Seriously??? Next time I see this neighbor - I think I am going to ask him about this...Randy has threatened me not too and reminded me that I almost have a restraining order against me for another neighbor that happens to be a local weatherman - who is just NOT nice to me...another blog...another day!! Anyway...back to my neighbor...am I missing something?? Turn your lights off!!! please???

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Linda said...

I agree completely. I took mine down even earlier than usual this year and was on a rant to get it done. Maybe we should start a 12 step program for either people like us or people like your neighbor.