Saturday, January 10, 2009


I went on a quick trip to Austin on Friday to go to the doctor with my sister-in-law and nephew.
My nephew (Ty Allen 13) has been having bad headaches for a few years so the doctor ordered an MRI...which came back with some "abnormalities" and a "cyst".
We have had to wait almost two weeks to talk to the doctor which seemed like years...but then I thought if it was very serious they would have scheduled an appointment earlier!
Anywho...the appointment went good - nothing critical, no surgeries - right now - maybe in the future. He has a Chiari Malformation...barely a level 1. These are very common...most people do not realize they have this. In severe cases they can do surgeries to correct this but Ty Allen's is not that bad. The doctor prescribed some medicine and a special pillow to sleep on.
Praise the Lord he was okay!!
I got to sort surprise Ty Allen...he didn't know I was coming.
We picked him up at school.
After the appointment we met up with my niece and her boyfriend for an early dinner then I came home.
I got to Amarillo about 10pm - I was so tired! It was a long but fun day. I have slept all day!

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Linda said...

Hey, I see you added a site meter. Isn't it cool. I love it. You can set the meter to private if you don't want everyone checking out your stuff. Couldn't sleep so I got up at 5:00