Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ugh...the hospital...seriously???

John started getting sick on Wednesday. I was not too seem to be more allergies than anything...he had a runny nose, watery eyes, and lots of sneezing! Bless his little heart...he apparently has my allergies and Randy's sensitive skin!
On Thursday he started getting worse. Lots of congestion, a barking cough, runny/stopped up nose...but no temperature and he was playing around the house....I didn't think it was serious. I was pushing liquids, some allergy medicine, and a decongestion syrup. I called the nurse (Doris) and she said to keep doing what I was doing but if I needed to I could bring him in. (Being a first time Mommy I tend to panic...I am trying to ease off and not run to the doctor with every cough) When Randy came home we talked about it and we decided to just let "it" run its can't be too serious...he doesn't have a fever! Well...Thursday night was one of the longest nights I have had since I had John. He was up and down all night - coughing...wheezing...runny/stopped up nose...and now he had a low grade fever. As soon as 6am rolled around I was in the shower...we were going to go to the doctor. We couldn't get in until noon so we had breakfast and John seemed much better than Thursday...we thought about cancelling our appointment but I told Randy lets just make sure everything was okay. When we got to the doctor's office they immediately swabbed John nose and throat for RSV and strep. They checked his oxygen levels and they were only peaking around 86-87% not a good thing. The RSV test came back positive and the doctor said he had to be put in the hospital immediately. UGH!!! Seriously!!! I HATE the hospital - of course...does any of us like hospitals?? All the sickness, germs, and GERMS!!! So... we came home to pack a bag...the doctor said John would be there AT LEAST 3 days...I called our family and some prayer warriors and headed to the hospital.
When we got to the hospital they got us in a room immediately - which was AWFUL - very dreary. I was not a happy camper but John to say the least was having a blast! He was trying to escape the room anytime the door opened....climbing under/over/on top of the crib, cleaning out drawers, & destroying anything that wasn't nailed down. Each time a nurse would come in with an electronic device...computers, blood pressure monitors, or whatever - John as the first to inspect and push a button! When they would take his bp, or oxygen, or listen to his lungs he was ripping the glasses off the nurses, pulling their masks down, pulling their hair or earrings...and laughing the entire time!!! At one point I overheard the nurse tell the other nurse (silently) "how are we going to IV this boy...and keep it in?" Finally the respiratory nurse came by and took his oxygen was 97%! She listen to his lungs and said they were very clear! The head nurse came in and did the same test and asked "exactly what were we doing there". We told her about the RSV and she said "he may have a mild cases...but you guys should go home before he gets really sick. WHEW-WHO...this Momma was NEVER so HAPPY!! The doctor called us in a prescription for breathing treatments and congestion...and we went home!
John had a great evening....and slept all night last night! We had to go back to the doctor this morning to be re-checked...his oxygen level was 95% and they said his lungs sounded better! Praise the Lord! The Lord is the one who healed John. When I called my family and friends I KNOW they immediately stopped and said prayers...and praise to the Lord! PRAISE...PRAISE to the LORD JESUS CHRIST! This is all about HIM!! Whew-Who!
Needless to say...we will be house bound for a good while...we WILL NOT be passing this along! I will post some pictures of John doing his breathing treatments. He does not like it...but he does not fight me...he will get in my lap and sit for them! My big boy...I am so proud!!


Linda said...

Yes, you are right, God intervened. Thank you Lord!

Melissa said...

We will reschedule our lunch, sister--no worries! :) Call me when he's better, ok?!