Monday, December 8, 2008


I love my Randy and I could not do what I do with out him.
I don’t know that I have ever put this “out there”…but it is on my heart to do so.
We work like a well oiled machine when it comes to taking care of John.

Take tonight for example – John has been at party central (MaMa’s house) all evening. When we came home Randy immediately got John ready for his nightly bath. I started the bath, got his pajamas ready, and gave him a bath. After his bath I rubbed him down with lotion and all the good smelling stuff while Randy made a bottle. Once I finished my part Randy takes over, he gives John a bottle and John usually falls asleep, then I come back & put him in his bed. We do this without saying a word or request – we just do it.

This works perfect most nights…it didn’t last night…Randy and I were in routine but John was not ready to go to bed…he fought sleep last night. It made for a long night…I didn’t get much sleep but Randy took over around 2am and let me sleep in our bed…nice & quite. I am pretty sure I gave John too much sugar yesterday which….I am aware sugar is a really bad thing.
Back to Randy….he just takes care of John – no complaints…he loves it.

My Mom always said Randy would be a great father - I knew he would be good but only to a certain point. Not criticizing my loving husband but he would agree with me that he was never a “big fan” of children before John. He viewed children as little icky-sticky, noisy, messy making, tantrum throwing, booger eating, crazed monsters. Now…anytime he sees a baby we have to discuss what age the baby is…ask the mother…and then seize our opportunity to play goo-goo with the baby! It is the total opposite of what he was before! I love it!

The other day we were at the mall and it was very cold outside…a mother with three small children (under 5) came in the door as we were going out.
Randy made it a point to tell me very loudly (so she could hear)…”HOW OUTRAGEOUS IT WAS THAT NONE OF THOSE CHILDREN HAD ON HEAVY CLOTHES OR ANY TYPE OF EAR PROTECTION…AND HOLD THE PHONE…LOOK THAT ONE HAS FLIP FLOPS ON”! He was really upset. I myself was too shocked to say anything…no I wasn’t shocked about the children – that sort of stuff has been going on forever…I was in shock about Randy….and then my heart warmed up. So precious. It is amazing how the Lord can change someone. I learned long ago that I can’ t change a person, and a person can only change if they want to change…and that takes help from our Lord!

So…here’s to my Randy. Thank you. You tell me all the time that I am a wonderful Mother…well…you are a wonderful Father…and I could not be wonderful if it wasn’t for you.

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