Sunday, December 7, 2008


I hate to procrastinate!
If there is a job to do…then I do it…immediately – I have been like this…my whole life. For instance…
I always did my homework as soon as I came home from school...I remember some of my friends would have to go home early on Sunday to finish homework…I would be shocked that they did not do it on Friday afternoon….what were they thinking??
So…whatever the task is I like to get it out of the way and if I don’t complete it soon it sticks in my mind – constantly…and makes me crazy! (Does this sound like a compulsion disorder??)
This “compulsion” makes my husband…insane! I find is amusing the Lord put us together because Randy is the procrastinator…if it gets done great…if it doesn’t great. This has caused many great “heated” discussions in our house.
This leads me to my latest task…Christmas Cards!
I love sending Christmas cards…especially with a picture of John.
I have had my 2008 cards ready to go almost a month now but I need a Christmas picture of John. As I walk by the dining room I see the cards sitting there…wanting to be mailed! This is making me nuts!
My sister-in-law Linda offered to take the picture of John for me. I have been very excited about this since Linda takes AWESOME pictures…she did the Halloween and some great fall pictures of John. My favorite picture of John in the yellow hat…it was taken by her. She has a wonderful eye for this…she should do it professionally!
Anyway…we have been waiting for John’s face to clear up to take the pictures - he still has some chicken pox marks. Finally one day last week Linda came over to take the picture…I just need one! John Randall would not cooperate! I don’t know what was in his crawl that day but he would not smile – at all! Linda was very patient and she is so good with him but he was not going to be told what to do that day! Here are a couple that I sort of liked but look at the chocolate on his chin…I was trying to bribe him!! Linda said we would just do it another day. I felt bad…she really tried but my one year old would just not cooperate!
Fast forward to today…
I got more Christmas cards… and I got edgy…my unfinished project was not completed! As luck would have it John woke up from is nap in the best mood and I thought I had better strike while the iron is hot. Randy threw John’s Christmas outfit on him…went outside and snapped about ten quick pictures…they turned out pretty good. I know that Linda’s would have been better but I did not want to bother her again…she has a ton of things going on right now. So…thank you Linda for helping me out! Here are some pictures from today…you will have to wait for your card to see the one we chose!

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Linda said...

Those are good and I'm glad it worked out. I think either will be great.