Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Time's A Coming... is 36 until Christmas and my decorating for the season is 98% over - PTL!
I decided to get it done while the weather was nice and thank goodness I did...Doppler Dave says the days of 70 degrees are over! John stayed outside the entire time. He loved it...and didn't try to go to the road once! He did sample a dirt clot...and immediately spit it out. He loves to be outside exploring and getting into everything. It is so fun to see his face when we turn the lights on...his eyes get really big and he says "ohhhh"..which makes all this work worth itHe would NOT take a nap while we were outside but the second
we came in he thought he found a comfortable spot to crash for a few zzzz's!

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Linda said...

Like your new background. It's fun changing it up huh? John looks like he is doing better.