Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday Confessions...

I have decided to join the Friday Fess Up Bandwagon. Melissa has "fess up's" every Friday and during my latest "blog hopping" I have seen many people do a Friday Confession. Here we go...

#1. I did not go to the grocery store on Sunday and buy a Sara Lee Cherry Cheesecake just for me. I did not eat the entire cake in three days by myself. {Insert dumb look on my face..."why can I not lose weight?"}
#2. I did not sweet talk Randy into changing John's "muddy" diaper at least five times this week...knowing they were muddy.
#3. I did not lose an entire night sleep worrying about my brother.
#4. I did not stress out by trying to get all of my Christmas decorations put out before Thanksgiving.
#5. I did not cry when I took John's diaper cake apart...the one that Melissa made over a year ago.
#6. I did not cry...again...when I watched Jon & Kate renew their vows.
#7. I did not let my 14 month old son eat nothing but Capt'Crunch cereal for dinner...and then some M&M's for dessert.
#8. I did not miss yoga twice this week..and feel no guilt.

Wow Melissa...this does make me feel better!

1 comment:

Linda said...

So why do you say "not" to things you did? Don't understand the game I guess.