Friday, August 8, 2008

Hating Losing More than I Love Winning

And it begins...
"Why do we do this?" - this was the question I asked Randy tonight after watching the first episode of "Cowboys - Hard Knocks Training Camp" on HBO.
You see we LOVE football...I mean really love football. I know it is not particular normal for a chic to like football but I do. I have always liked to watch football...I don't know all the plays, or positions, or why they do some of the stuff they do...but I watch and learn. Thanks to the book by Holly Robinson Peete - "Get Your Own Beer - Am Watching the Game"...I get my answers pretty quick and I don't look so dumb in front of Randy. (Am glad he never reads this blog!)
We are definitely college football fans now...looking forward to see how Coach Stewart leads the WVU team...this is Pat White's final year and they are already throwing his name around as a possibility for the Heisman. I will also be watching Michigan to see how Coach Rod (traitor, back-stabber, liar, dill-beck, nipple-head, commie-pinko, tofu farting fairy!)...sorry...anyway I want to see how he (Coach Rod...traiitor...oh we don't have to go through that again do we???)does...and I am ready for November 22 - Michigan verses Ohio - GO BUCKEYES - I already have my shirt! (They are huge rivals like OU and Texas). Did I say Go Buckeyes yet?? most of you know are HUGE Cowboy fans! Always have been...I had the cheerleader outfit when I was a little girl...along with the satin jacket. I always know it is going to be a good week or a bad week depending on if the Cowboys win or lose. The Cowboys look like they have a pretty good team this year...and we finally have Zac Thomas after all these years!
So...back to the question..."why do we do this? see Randy and I get all wrapped up emotionally in these we go again!
And by the way....on a totally different subject...teething - as in a teething baby - STINKS! I don't know what lesson, or value, or strength I am suppose to get out of this...but whew... no one ever told me about this! This is sort of funny to...before I had John Randy told me that I could not pick him up every time he cries - his words were "we are going to have to let him cry it out". I am doing that now...John is crying (he wants to sleep in the big bed)...Randy keeps asking me "how much longer" see I am going in every 5 minutes, then 7, then 10, then 15 minute breaks. This is eating Randy's lunch...John just started yelling "Daddy"! Well folks...I have never seen Randy Hare move so fast in my life!! (Once again - I am glad he does not read my blog :)-

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