Wednesday, August 13, 2008

21 Days...

I have heard if you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit...
I am not sure if this works but I am going to try. I have recently realized that I am GREAT at starting is the completion that I stink at. I am not sure where this comes from or why...but I am just that way. I have also realized that I am not REALLY good at one thing but I am pretty good at a bunch of one of my buddies is the world's BEST seamstress( that is what sewing does to makes me seemstress!) anyway...I have another friend that plays the piano better than Billy Joel...but me...I don't really excel at one particular thing. So back to the habits...I have 21 "goals/habits" to work at in 21 days.
For instance...#12. I am going to wash my face twice a day (I am really bad about going to bed with my make-up on - I know really bad!) #13. Brush and floss my teeth before bed, #2. Start spending some quality time with the Lord, and #4. Stop being so negative on myself.
Some are little goals and others may be harder but each day is a new day with a new beginning...little goals...and work up to bigger goals. I have learned that I can be powerful or pitiful but I can't be both - I have to choose. I read this post the other day that said...Be the type of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the enemy says "oh crap shes up"! I like that!

Well...I better go wash my face and brush my teeth! more little funny thing. My sister-in-law Christi has her toenails painted very cute...they are all different colors with white dots - very summer - very cute!
I decided to do something different...some of you don't know this but my toenails and usually fingernails are ALWAYS be exact they are OPI Moscow Red or OPI Rock -n- Roll Red....and they have been since I was 16 - I buy MASS quantities of the polish and keep it in the frig - seriously...I know I have issues! I decided to copy Christi except I did mine in WVU colors - blue and yellow! I love them! I think they are so cute!! My Mom did not care for them, and Randy...well...he said it looked like my toenails had some type of fungus on them and they look like they were dying. I still LOVE them...and John loves them - he wants to bite them!!

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Melissa said...

AWESOME!!! I love those colors!!!