Tuesday, August 5, 2008

5 Things...

Five things you may not know about me…

1. I color my own hair – always have…always will - probably. Since I have dark hair it is sort of hard to get in drastically wrong. I did try blonde highlights in the nineties…that didn’t work.
2. I was very liberal when I was young. I believed in abortion, “free to me” syndrome, am woman…hear me roar…that type stuff. Now…I am very conservative…total opposite of 15 years ago.
3. I love college football. I use to love Nascar…but since they have allowed foreign cars to compete, my driver retired, Dale Jr. changed teams…ugh…I had to change obsessions! So…college football it is…I have always liked WVU Mountaineers and watched their games…but I am really into it now. Hopefully I can play my cards right and see the Mountaineers play Colorado in September in Colorado!!!
4. Why did I pick WVU you ask??? As most of you know…that is where my parents are from. Almost all of my family…which at one time consisted of (12 uncles, 12 aunts, 40 first cousins, 40+ second cousins…get this picture) lots of family. I LOVE Texas this is home…I am the only one in my immediate family born in Texas…but West Virginia is my roots.
5. I love my chiropractor. I am not sure how it works…I don’t wanna know how it works but it does for me. I go to Coulter Chiropractic – Dr. Welty. His office staff is wonderful…especially Laurie. I go about once a year and Laurie always remembers me and my family. I went yesterday for an adjustment…everything from my back, my shoulder, my knee, and stupid headaches were bothering me. Every morning for the past month I have been waking up with a headache…praise God – no headache today! I feel so good when I leave there.
Well…I would go on but I now have to wash the color out of my hair! Have a great day!


Leelee said...

Shocker! I knew all those things. I"ll tell you something about me that maybe you don't know . . . hmmmm let me think . . . me and Darla used to go door to door selling potatoes for a penny a pound. We had our little red wagon and scales. Our grandparents would take us to Hereford to pick the potatoes for free after they had been harvested. I was probably 5 or 6. Can you imagine any of the Hares doing that?

Melissa said...

Interesting!!! Love my chiropractor too...adjustments rock when you feel like crap huh! :)