Thursday, May 15, 2008


Long naps….is there anything any better??
I love taking afternoon naps! It doesn’t matter if I slept great the night before – I still love to take an afternoon nap. Apparently I get this from my Daddy’s family – Mom says those “Light’s” were serious about their afternoon naps. I had a friend one time tell me that “piling up in the bed is a sign of depression”. I don’t think so…especially when you “pile up” in my bed. Randy and I have a king size bed, at least…at least twenty or more down feathered pillows, a down comforter, percale sheets that are extra crisp – but soft, and last but not least a fan that makes the BEST white noise. We have dark curtains and the room is always the coldest in the house…around 62 degrees – so once you get in bed and warmed up – you never want to get out! I was concerned that once I had John my nap time would…disappear. I figured that I would need to clean house, start dinner, do laundry, pay bills, or just get caught up on things while he was sleeping but I don’t. I know that this time is precious - all that stuff will get that done when it gets done! And…John likes to take naps too. (Randy is a fan of afternoon napping also) It is so sweet around 1:00 to 1:30 I will grab John and tell him we taking a trip to “Sleepy Town”. Sleepy Town is our fun little place where all our little friends like “LeeLee Lamb”, “Randy the Raccoon”, “Tina the Turtle”, “Melissa the Monkey”, “PaPa the Polar Bear, “Allen the Antelope, “Christi the Cat” – if you haven’t figured it out our friends are actually our family. It is fun to make up little stories…and he goes right to sleep! Anyway…John is so good to take a nap with – cuddle bug deluxe!! We took a good three hour nap today – it was a dark & gloomy day = the best napping kinda day. Even when we take a long nap John is still good to stick to his schedule of going to bed at night at 8:30pm. Funny thing….about two weeks before John was born I was in the shower praying (my favorite prayer place) and thought that I had not asked the Lord for a happy & sleepy baby….so I prayed for a happy & sleepy baby. Well…that night as Randy and I were saying our prayers Randy asked the Lord for a sleepy & happy baby! I jumped out bed – I could not believe we asked for the same thing and the same day! Matthew 18:20! The Lord definitely answered our prayer that night.

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Melissa said...

Great---I'm a stinkin' monkey!! ROFL :) That is so sweet that he likes naps-and you too!
Here at the Haskell household, naps are a MUST. I tell people not to even bother calling between the hours of 12 and 2pm. The phone is off and we are all sleeping!