Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just Ducky....

One of my new fascinations is rubber duckies! Have you ever noticed all the different ducks?? They are can decorate your bathroom in a rubber ducky theme, there is a song by this guy named Ernie about rubber ducks, the ducks can be pirates, cowboys, or even devils & angels!! is now my goal to buy John every type of rubber ducky out there...we have quite the collection. The following pictures of John in his "rubber ducky tub" (thanks Daddy...the tub also has a quacker in his beak!) only showcases a few of his smaller duckies...we have even more small duckies, and medium duckies, large & extra-large....but I am waiting until he graduates to the big tub for the other ducks to join him!! His favorite duck so far is his lighted ducky from his Aunt is VERY soon as you place it on the water it lights up!! Thank you LeeLee - it is the funniest and puts all the other ducks to shame!!

He has the lighted one in has hand!

He loves to mess with the drain!!

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