Saturday, October 27, 2007

Unexpected Overnight Guest...

It started out as a normal fall Saturday. John and I went to Spudnuts early for chocolate donuts to prepare for the highly anticipated WVU vs Rutgers game. WVU is ranked 6 by BCS and Rutgers is not ranked – the media was predicting an upset!! WVU has beat Rutgers 12 straight times however…it is always a good rival…last year it went into two or three overtimes! The game was great – WVU won 31-3!! During the last half of the game John became really fussy. We could not decide if it was gas, teething (yes – he has started that), colic, or maybe the fact I trimmed one of his fingernails little to close!!! I had not had a shower and I needed to run some errands plus Randy and I were getting tired…the only way to settle him was to walk the floor with him. So…I did what any good mother would do…I called 1-800-Grandma! She told me to bring him over. So I loaded him up – the second he got in the car seat he was happy – see the picture…and look at the size of his feet!!!
When we got to Mom’s he seemed happy and I was walking out the door. As I was leaving I looked out Mom’s front window and seen the cutest little dog! He looks like a Papillon. I looked for an owner to be chasing him and there was no one in site! So I called him over and he ran and jumped in my arms! His tags did not have his owner’s name or number but the tag indicated he had one of those chips in him. Before I called the 1-800-find-your-pet I went to several doors on the block and no one knew anything about this dog. So…I went to Mom’s and called the 800 number…where I was on hold for fifteen minutes. Finally someone answered but the number listed as the owner was the local veterinary clinic here in town!! So…I called them and got the answering service that had to call the vet…another 30 minutes. By now I am to far involved in this dogs life to kick him out the front door and wish him luck!! The vet calls me back and I give him the rabies tag number…she said it would be at least an hour before she could call me back! I put the little dog in Mom’s backyard for the time…he was running around like crazy – a very happy energetic little dog. Well…there are kittens next door…4 of them…they decided to see what the fun was about…they hopped the fence. The little dog thought they were the berries and chased them wanting to play…they just hissed at him. So... put them back over the fence but they kept coming back!! By this point I was like "whatever"!! Then John started having a fit crying…actually screaming. Mom and Dad panicked – they HATE to see John upset…Mom was ready to take him to the ER but my motherly instinct told me things were okay. The three of us took turns holding John, throwing kittens over the fence, and calming a crazy little dog!! The vet called…the dog…Radar-he has a name... belongs to the lady across the street…they left messages and gave left her my number. I then left my number on her door and I a message on her home & cell phone. I couldn't leave Radar with Mom and Dad…they are not "equipped" to handle a little dog…what about John…he was really upset… I loaded John back up and told Mom I would be back for Radar!!!
On my way back to the house all of the hot air balloons were out – if you lived here I hope you seen them!! They were beautiful…except for this one that looked like it was going to crash! As soon as I got home I yelled at Randy to jump in the truck so we could look at these balloons –plus John stopped crying since we were driving! The balloons were great but this one was coming straight for our neighborhood…it got really low! It was funny to see all the people out looking at the balloons and chasing them…including us! Randy had me run back home to get the cameras. The balloon actually landed in the middle of Coulter between 34th & I-40! For those of you that don’t live here – that is a major street!! Great excitement!
I know…this is a blog not a book but it gets better!! Once we got home and the car stopped…John started! Randy ordered pizza and I walked the baby…then Randy walked the baby and I ate dinner. Once I starved a couple pieces of pizza I got a kennel and went to Mom’s get pick up Radar and bring him home until I hear from his owners! He is such a sweet dog!! The girls (Doxy & Kiki) they don't like him at all but Dopey thought he was big fun!!! As of 11:30 I have not heard from the owner! I have Radar in his own kennel out of site from the other dogs for tonight!! I didn’t know what else to do!! The story will continue!! Oh and John…he is great now…whatever was troubling him…he is over it – thank goodness!! I am going to bed now!!! Love you!!!


G said...

Hey Tina,
I love your blogs! You are soo cute with your baby John. You and Randy are awesome parents.
You really have a way of telling stories too, keep it up, I enjoy it.
Love you all,
Ginger "Lady Bug"

The Haskell Family said...

ROFLMAO!!! You are too funny! Hey---seen anymore squirrels playing lately? :)