Friday, October 26, 2007

To bed or not to bed…that is the question!

So…I am having a Mommy dilemma.
John has been sleeping in his co-sleeper since he came home – the co-sleeper is right beside my bed…I can hear everything! Okay…let me be honest with you…he sleeps in the co-sleeper 50% of the time – the other time he sleeps between me and Daddy. He starts out in the co-sleeper around 10pm but when he wakes up for his 3am feeding I bring him back to bed with me. There are times we just go straight to be with Mommy and Daddy. Then there is the nap issue…fortunately we both love to take naps…we nap together in the “big” bed. He is the best to sleep with…a true little cuddle bug…although after a couple of hours we both wake up wringing wet from being so close…its fun…we both look at each other like “whew” that’s hot! (Even now as I type this he is looking at me with these huge eyes saying…”Mommy lets go lay down in the big bed and nap…please.”)
Back to the point…When do I move him to his bed in his room? I don’t think he will have the issue of changing beds…it’s his Mommy not wanting the baby to leave the nest. I know…I am silly…but moving him to the bed in the other room is like I am letting him grow up. I know…I know…he is growing up and I can’t stop that but does it have to be so fast? He did nap for 10 minutes in his bed the other day – that’s a start right? Randy is so sweet and no help to this matter – which is surprising…I would have never imagined Randy being good with a baby in the middle of our bed but he loves it too. We both love to hear him make the baby noises and we love his little snores.
Am I starting a habit with John? I slept for a long time in between my parents and I remember loving it – it was safe and secure. I would still be sleeping with them if they hadn’t kicked me out of bed!!!
I think I will make the transition soon. I bought a fancy baby monitor on the internet this morning. It is one that I can actually talk to him when I am in the other room, I can make it play music, and I can have it put stars on the ceiling at night without going into the room. The best thing…it is going to take it a week to get here!!! John can sleep with me until it arrives!!


The Haskell Family said...

Here is how I did it....I started with the morning naps in their own bed. Then, they didn't sleep by themselves until around 6 months. I felt more comfortable and they did too being in our bed. No need for a HUGE transition yet if you don't want to! :)

Leelee said...

Here are my thoughts. Maybe you could get a smaller crib to put in your room that wasn't attached to your bed. That way he would still be close at hand, but a little further away. I agree with the other post that maybe naps should be in his nursery, of course with the monitor on. Lavonna let Mallory sleep with them until she was about one, so I say follow your heart. After all you are the mother and you know what is best for your child.