Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Hated Him.


It’s hard for me to remember the time I actually hated him.  I still loved him deep down but another part of me hated him.  Not SpongeBob….my husband.  Our marriage was dying and I hated him

I…in fact WE don’t go back to the old marriage 1999-2006.  There were some great times but God had to let us break and put us back together – better than ever.

My story today is about a man I love.  I mean really love and being IN love with him so much it swallows me up.  Still…not talking about SpongeBob.   Talking about my Randy my Sweetie and the Daddy that he is.

Yesterday we were at a children’s birthday party.  It was crazy chaos…as 99% of children’s party are.  There was a sweet little piñata the children were trying to break.

It was my Johns turn to swing and this little girl (the same size of John) kept pushing John away and not letting him have his turn.  Randy and I watched to see how John would react and what he would do.

Side note: Randy and I do our very best to shelter John and Christina.  John has a very tender heart and spirit.  We really put forth a great deal of energy to protect this heart and his innocents.  In the world we live in this is next to impossible but we really try.  John is FAR from perfect…he has a sin nature as we all do.  John has a selected group of friends that he pals around with but the are being raised the same way John is.  I know it may sound weird to you but God doesn’t give everyone children.  And when He does we are to train, nurture, and protect His children.  Okay…I could go on for a day here.  If you know me you know we do our own thing!

So…back to the party.  John would ask the girl for his turn and she was not giving up the bat.  John was not rude, he did not yell, tell of her, he just let her beat the piñata.  Randy and I could have stepped in but…it was not our party or our daughter to correct.  Finally the girl busted the piñata…along with John’s spirit.  John was so sad.  He just hung his head down.

I was about to explain to John that sometimes that sort of stuff happens.


Christina had her only bullying event happening at the tool bench.  Christina was playing with the little tools when a boy a came over and ripped all the tools out of her hands.  Crying started.

Randy said – That’s it WE are outta here!

Randy drove to Wal-Mart and bought our son a large SpongeBob piñata and candy.  Immediately came home rigged that piñata up and let our little hares beat it until all the candy sprayed everywhere.

My heart just pumped big love.

Randy is not a perfect Father but dang it when it is time to be there or shine – he is a diamond.

Pumping big love Daddy.


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Linda said...

I just noticed that John never got a turn when I was going through the pictures. I'm so sorry I didn't step in but I was busy taking pictures not really monitoring. It was driving me crazy too. School teacher Mrs. Hare was hard to keep in restraints. Okay