Friday, April 25, 2014

The Road to Recovery

After three weeks in Dallas at Zales Lipshy Hospital I was ready to rehabilitation.  I am so very thankful I was not aware of the storm that would come.

The Lord put it in Randy’s heart to bring me home for rehab. Randy wanted to bring me back to Amarillo for therapy.  Randy was missing the little hares, and our amazing support group here in Amarillo.  Randy consulted the doctors – would it be better for me to stay at Zales or could I go to BSA in Amarillo? The doctors told Randy there was no medical reason for me to stay at Zales and BSA was more than able to handle my rehab.  On the 4th of July Randy started praying for us to be home on July 11th  God miraculously arranged for us to be sent home on July 11th.  By doing so, The Lord redeemed this day for Randy because his Mother had died on July 11, 1984 so on July 11, 2013 his wife came home alive and well. This decision apparently made many family members, including my folks, and friends very…very angry with Randy.  Zales Lipshy is the top hospital for brain trauma – why would Randy take that away from Tina?  Doesn’t he want the best care for her?  He is being selfish!  He is being a complete dumbass!  He is only thinking for himself!!  I am still not speaking to some family because of this decision…they still think Randy was wrong to move me to BSA.  Now that I am on this side of the fence and I know what my therapy was -  I am so happy Randy brought me home.  It was the right thing for me, Randy and our little hares.

So the ride home from Dallas to Amarillo was a horrible experience.  I have no memory of this – thank GOD.  Apparently I hated the ambulance that was transporting me back to BSA.  I cried and screamed the entire time.  They had to pull over 6 times so Randy could comfort me.  I was very confused and not in a good place.  They had started weaning me off all the heavy narcotics so I was going through a detox at the same time.

Finally at BSA on the Rehab floor!

Randy’s sister Christi took care of John & Christina for the entire 3 weeks we were in Dallas.  My other sister-in-law Leelee would help her out, and once again my amazing homeschool family helped a bunch.  When Randy picked up the little hares John ran straight to him and wouldn’t let go.  He was so happy to see his Daddy.  Christina…not so much.  When Randy tried to pick her up she started screaming and hid behind Christi’s legs.  It took her 10-15 minutes to get warmed up to Randy and when she realized it was really Daddy she fell into his arms.

I would like to sugar coat the next part and say rehab was a breeze but it wasn’t. IMG_4332

There were three different teams that would “torture” me three times a day.  Physical rehab, personal rehab, and talking/writing/remembering rehab – that was the fun one – I could sit on my bum.   Here I am standing.  It was so hard.  I had been on my back over 30 days.  I could only stand a few moments.

As they were taking me off all the pain meds involved in brain surgery my memory and being able to remember life was coming back to me.  My first big memory was seeing July 18, 2013 in my room and asking Randy – why does that say July 18th?  That’s when Randy starting telling me where I had been and what I had been through.  It was a moment I pray you never have to have.  30+ days of my life gone and no memory, except my memory of Jesus.  I have bits and pieces of memories that I think I have but..I really think its me wanting to remember more than actually having the memory – does that make sense??

I had some very hard nights that I am not going to retell…not ready to open that wounf8697dd4-cb12-4a19-bfe6-63c8eca0665ed right now.  Now that I had my memory I could only think of my little hares – constantly.  Who had them, what did they eat, did someone tell them how much I loved them.  Oh and the joy anxiety came along.  Leelee and Kevin would bring me a Sugar Dr. Pepper everytime they came to see me.  They were awesome!!

Randy was anxious about bringing the little hares to see me.  After their reaction to him he was expecting the same.  And less I forget I had MRSA too.  The day Randy brought the little hares to was priceless.  They both ran to my bed and climbed on top of me!IMG_2380

Christina would still be laying on my chest.IMG_4568

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