Tuesday, April 22, 2014

June 14-17, 2013

The morning of the 14th I was still alive despite what the doctors were predicting.   Allen came to the hospital to relieve Randy once again.  Randy came home and tried to go to sleep.  In a sleepy daze his phone buzzed with a text from Allen saying “Tina is a wake and responding to questions from the doctors”.  It was a miracle.

Randy went back to the hospital and stayed with me all night all again.  On Saturday they performed an angiogram to see exactly where the aneurysm was.  While they were doing to procedure Randy went back home for a few hours to eat and change clothes.  On the way back to the hospital The Holy Spirit spoke to Randy and said “they found it!”  Once Randy got to the hospital Allen told Randy what the doctors found.  They had found an aneurysm in the back of my head but they did not find the aneurysm where the actually bleed had been.  The doctors said everything else looked great and that “I had good pipes”. 

At this point I was in and out of a medically induced coma until Monday June 17th.  They took the breathing tube out and I could talk -  I was very…very foul mouthed, dropping the f-bomb every other breath -this is common with a brain injury.  (so glad I have no memory of this)

Around 3pm Randy received a call from Dr. Cone (my Amarillo Neurologist) he said he had been in contact again with the doctors at Zale-Lipshy hospital. They were better equipped to handle the surgery since it was so complex.  They wanted to air-lift me to Dallas at that moment.

Randy asked my sister-in-law Linda aka Leelee to fly with me since he would probably be in Dallas for several weeks and need transportation to and from the hospital.  Plus it was a tiny…very tiny airplane.  Leelee and I took a plane ride together to Dallas.  Thank God she was there.  Since I…of course have no memory of this I have been told some crazy stories of this plane ride.  Water bottle exploding, my major potty mouth, and how small the plane was and a storm maybe?!?!  Randy and his brother Kevin drove all night to get to Dallas.

We finally made it to Zale Lipshy one of the premier brain/head trauma hospitals in Texas.


Dr. Jonathan White would be my surgeon.


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