Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am mad at my Mommy!

I try not to curse.  Every now and again a word may slip but I try very hard to guard my tongue.   So it’s pretty common to hear me say “chicken-little-monkey’s-uncle orange-dreamiscle –pop!”.

John is very aware of bad words…and he will tell you when you have said a bad word.  I get tickled because I tell people to shut-up when they are telling me something unbelievable or good or crazy.  John quickly brings it to my attention and I apologize to John and the person I was talking with.

We use to watch Pawn Stars frequently but we have stopped watching it around the little Hares because of the cussing and the belittling they do to each other.  The most frequent words on Pawn Stars are; damn, damnit, & well I be damned.PAWN-STARSA couple of months ago while in Wal-Mart a lady had her grocery cart blocking the path so we were stuck waiting on her.  John spoke up and said “I wish that lady would move her damn cart!”  You can only imagine the look of horror on my face.  I was so shocked for several reasons #1.  he used the word correctly in a complete sentence, #2. I can’t believe those words just came out of his sweet mouth, #3. John said what I was thinking!  The lady did not hear John – thank goodness but I immediately grabbed his face right there and looked very hard (with the Momma face) and explained to him that he is NEVER allowed to say that word again.  And he knew what word I was speaking about.

After the Wal-Mart incident I put everybody that hangs with us on a “DAMN alert”.  I told everybody to watch their tongue – as I was going to myself.

A month later we were in the truck on a particular HOT day and John spoke up and said “Damn it’s hot Momma!”.  Once again I was in shock and for the same reasons as above:#1. he used the word correctly,  #2. I can’t believe those words just came out of his sweet mouth, #3. John said what I was thinking!  I pulled the truck over to the side of the road…John knew for sure he was going to get his hiney hot but I couldn’t justify spanking him when he’s probably just speaking what he has heard.  I told him that I would not spank him but the next time he said the “d” word – his mouth would be washed out.

Today was the day.

John was playing with a toy and it would not work properly.  In great frustration John said “Damnit just work already!”.  My first thoughts were not #1. he used the word correctly in a complete sentence, #2. I can’t believe those words just came out of his sweet mouth, #3. John said what I was thinking!”.  Nope I remembered our deal–oh no- I am going to have to really do this.  I can’t go back on what I said.

I turned the TV off and told him to come to the sink.  He started FREAKING out, screaming, and pleading with me.  I explained that he had to man up or he would get his hiney hot also.  To the sink on his stool he went.  I told him to put out his tongue and I soaped his tongue up.  Then I closed his mouth and made him hold it for a few seconds.  While the soap was in his mouth I explained to him that cussing and bad words were not going to be tolerated.  After a few seconds I let him spit & rinse.

John was NOT happy.  iphone 022After he rinsed his mouth out he grabbed the Dial Soap package and turned it to the back and said “read this Mommy!” – it says “you should never put this soap in a little boys mouth – ever!”

John had to run and tell his Daddy all about it….thinking Daddy would take his side but like ALWAYS – Daddy & Mommy are a united/stick together/Hare raising team!  We always back each other up.  John told Daddy that he was so mad at Mommy!  Randy told him that wasn’t okay and he could not be mad at Mommy.  John got over it fairly quickly.

I told John he could rinse my mouth out if I said a bad words 3 times!  Now I am really watching my tongue!

I think this will be our weekly verse this week!

Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.  Proverbs 21:23

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