Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Can’t Catch Me!

IMG_0364John was 6 weeks old in this pictures – I love reading books to John..always have and now John is starting to read books to me.  It’s next to impossible for me to resist buying him a new book almost every time we go to the store.  He knows my weakness for books.  I tell everyone in the family to buy John a book for a gift – I promise he will love it!  Many times Randy and I will look for John and he will be in his library reading his books.

In our pre-school curriculum almost daily we have story time.  This story time has been a change for John because there are no pictures and the stories/poems are classics – which I love.  As I read to him I love to watch him think and I often ask him what he’s imagining or wondering.  After reading we usually draw, color, paint, or use clay to illustrate what we just read.  These are all new to him and memories to me…it’s amazing to see this through his eyes.  He loves this time and wants a story everyday.

A few weeks ago we read the story of the Gingerbread Man. After the lesson I thought we should make some Gingerbread Men….maybe closer to Thanksgiving.  To my great surprise, this weeks lesson plan called for us to make GB Men!

Once we finished our regular lesson for the day we did some baking!  It was so simple – I cheated….I bought a mix.  All we had to do was add a little hot water, some butter & flour.  John had so much fun.IMG_0010As the GB Men cooked John would run to the over door to make sure they had not jumped off the pan.IMG_0014So far so good….the GB Men did not runaway!IMG_0015IMG_0020After John finished decorating his men we waited for Daddy to come home to tell him the story.

But the unthinkable happened…..

John’s GB man is GONE!!!IMG_0021"Run, run, as fast as you can!
You can't catch me!
I'm the Gingerbread Man!"
IMG_0022I told John he had to be a detective and start looking for clues…maybe for crumbs or something.  But the first thing he did was accuse his Daddy of eating his GB man!  (It was soooo funny!)IMG_0023IMG_0024Lots of finger pointing and hands flying around the kitchen!  After Randy was acquitted….we could start hunting for the GB man.

The First Clue!IMG_0029John is on track!IMG_0031Getting close!IMG_0034I think I smell him Mom!IMG_0036Keep looking!IMG_0037YEA! Detective John found him!IMG_0038

*thanks for the idea Leelee*

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Laura Fiskin said...

HOW FUN!!!!! I want to come to your school. Seriously, you are an awesome teacher. He looks like he is learning by leaps and bounds and has no idea he is even learning.