Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Bit…

Randy has several nicknames for Christina.  He calls her Bunny, Little Bee, Baby-Doe, Tina-Berenice, & Baby Girl but the nickname that he uses most often is “Little-Bit”. 

Randy gave her this name because she is a little bit smaller than John.  When she was born she was one inch shorter and once pound less than John.  When Little Bit has her doctor appointments she is always one pound and one inch less than John – EVERYTIME.

Little Bit turned 9 months yesterday. John was 30in and 25lbs…Little Bit is 29in and 24lbs – funny huh?!?!?  She is growing up fast and COMPLETELY opposite of John Randall.  It’s hard to believe in 3 months she will be 1!299451_230320253689941_145934525461848_584408_738271776_nHer doctor appointment yesterday was great – except she screamed the entire time Dr. Young examined her (drama queen…you guys think am bad….ha!) once he gave her back to me she was happy and looked right at him and said BYE-BYE!  Dr. Young said she was healthy, the bye-bye thing was “ahead” of schedule and not to worry about her not attempting to crawl…little does he know – we are not encouraging that action…we know it’s coming and she will learn soon enough!312005_230321827023117_145934525461848_584434_2006861735_nMy nickname for Christina is Kitten.  The first thing I said when she was born was she sounded like a Kitten…and she did….the first few months when she would cry she sounded like a kitten.  She makes lots of sounds that remind me of a kitten, she destroys tissues like our cat use too, and when she gets mad at me….I promise…I think she hisses at me!  Plus….I love the original Father of the Bride movie with Elizabeth Taylor & Spencer Tracy…her nickname in the movie was Kitten.


See….she is hissing at the camera?!?!307663_230321897023110_145934525461848_584435_1495592271_n

Wanna guess what Kitten is going to be for Halloween?!?!

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