Thursday, August 11, 2011

Milk…it does something good.

For the past several months John has done and said some strange and peculiar things. 

For instance out of the blue one day he dropped his pants to his knees, stuck his hiney out, and started shaking it.  Randy dubbed it “The Dirty Butt Dance”.  (I really shouldn’t laugh but it’s so funny…and he cracks his self up when he does the DBD)  

The other night in bed John gassed me?!?! 

And the most popular saying in my house right now is “ohhhh cracker nuts!”…and he has the apporiate timing to his frustration

Every time I ask him “where did you learn this or who taught you this?  His immediate response without hesitation is Uncle Larry.  It’s the funniest thing…since Uncle Larry is exactly 7241 miles away in Iraq and John has not visited with him since March.  Poor Uncle Larry gets the blame for everything now.  Randy asked me the other day where I put something and I told him “Uncle Larry did it!”

To my surprise/horror I walked in the kitchen and found this going on:IMG_8220Are  you kidding me?  This was a cardinal sin in my home when I was little.  This was butt excuses…we ain’t having this sort of stuff go on offense.  I would expect this if he was 13 or 14 maybe but…3?!?!

So, I asked the question….Where did you learn to do this?  Expecting to hear the usual “Uncle Larry” he surprised me and said “Papa taught me”.  

Now he has dragged my Daddy into his schemes. 

You would think that this could be possible since we see Papa all the time but there are two problems with this fib….#1. Papa doesn’t drink milk, & #2. it’s still a cardinal sin in his house.  I thought it was cardinal sin in my house but apparently I was wrong.  Randy confessed to me when the milk gets low and he knows he will be drinking the rest of the gallon he drinks from the jug…his Daddy did it when he was little. …& now John does it.  I wonder if Uncle Kevin does it?

(Me & Christina will have our own gallon of milk!)IMG_8219IMG_8218

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Linda said...

I just asked Kevin and he said he does, although I have never seen him. He must sneek when I'm not looking. Althought I dont care because I don't drink milk anyway.