Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Man’s Trash

My favorite possessions in life are things passed down from generation to generation and homemade gifts.  IMG_8240This is my green shamrock quilt my Aunt Irene gave me in 1994.  I was so proud to have this quilt and felted honored that she gave it to me considering she has 6 children, 10 grand children, 20+ great grand children and several great-great grand children. 

I used this quilt all the time….I slept with it every night, cuddled on the couch with it, & took it on trips. and could just imagine the family history in it.  When she gave me this quilt I didn’t bother to ask about the history…I was just so happy she gave it to me. 

One day in 1997 I was home sick with the flu (I still lived with my folks) and I was on the couch curled up in my green quilt…thinking about the history of my quilt.  I wonder if my great grand mother made this?  I bet she spent hours by a wood burning fireplace painstakingly quilting these pieces together, I wonder who has kept warm under my quilt, & now it belongs to me!

I asked Mom that day to tell me the history of my green quilt…I was so excited to know the rich history of this family heirloom.  She looked at me kinda puzzled and said…”you don’t know about this quilt?  My anticipation grew even more!!  I told her I didn’t and she said I should call my Aunt Irene for the story.

I sprinted to the phone to call her!  This was going to be better than I could imagine.

When Irene answered I thanked her again for my favorite quilt that I use everyday.  Then I asked for her to tell the story and spare no details!!  Aunt Irene was very quite and said the quilt with shamrocks on it? Oh yes…that’s the one!!  And she said….”your Mom didn’t tell you?”  I said “no she said you should tell me”.

She started to laugh.

Then she said….”well I was taking the trash out one day and found it in the trash dumpster.”


My beloved quilt was trash? 

She was still laughing along with my Mom…and eventually I started laughing.

To this day I use my quilt…it’s on John’s bed and it’s still one of my favorite possessions.  I think of my Aunt Irene & my Mom…and laugh every time I see it.

I may never know the original history of my quilt but it has started a new history with me & my family.


In memory of my Aunt Mageline Cameron 07/24/21-08/06/11

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Linda said...

I love it and who cares where it comes from. I say make up your own fantastic story and stick to it. Cute pics of John.