Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This & That

  • Christina's pediatrician asked if she was sleeping on a firm mattress.  I lied & said yes but I guess it wasn't a total lie....my chest is sort of firm.  :)    Yes...that is a Sock Monkey pillowcase & a Thomas the Train pillowcase.IMG_7716
  • Everyone says...."she sure does love her Momma....I think she's a Momma's girl!"  I love it and agree...Christina & I have survived a bunch of stuff together the past 10 months!  She's my girl.IMG_1443 - edit2
  • Her eyes are blue...they look brown here but they are a beautiful blue like her Mama Mary's. IMG_1427 - edit2 
  • My bff sent her this adorable outfit.  Don't you just love it??IMG_1527IMG_1531 
  • My Mom saved several of my baby dresses.  This blue dress was given to me from Tina Bush....my Mom's best friend and my namesake.  I think my daughter is cuter than me!

tinablue1  IMG_1554

  • This picture says it all....it's my family - Me, Randy, John & Christina.  Do you see all the hands???IMG_1508


A huge thanks to my sister-in-law Linda aka Leelee she took all of these amazing photos.


De said...

Love the pictures! Isn't it nice to have a photographer in the family? The one of the 2 of you in the same dress is so great, she looks a lot like you.

Linda said...

Thanks for the compliment. You know I love it and I love the practice. All the photos did turn out pretty well and I love the one of the family hands.